Via EDMW. The Aaron Tan Nina Wantyouonly saga is started by Aaron Tan, an 18-year-old boy gangster who will be going into Singapore’s Boy Home soon. Nina Wantyouonly is the name of his ex-girlfriend.

Singapore gangster, Aaron Tan

Singapore gangster, Aaron Tan

Aaron gained notoriety online by posting a video on Facebook taunting a 14-year-old boy who goes by the Facebook name of Ryanzxc Gobangwall (what’s with all these weird hosehbo names?). In the video, Aaron accused the younger boy of “honging (flirting in Singapore gangster lingo)” his ex-girlfriend, Nina Wantyouonly and threatens revenge.

The video is laced with English, Chinese and Hokkien profanity and contains many off-colour sexual references, mainly directed at Ryan and Ryan’s mother (hence do not watch this video if you are under 18):

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Here’s the supposed “true story” of the complicated “love triangle” in the Aaron Tan Nina Wantyouonly saga, via Nina on her own Facebook wall:

This is how’s it goes. Me and Aaron had been together for 7months9days.  The reason we had broke up is because of his attitude, his threatening, his childishness, his back stabbing, trust issues and he jus too over controlling.  The best part is his parent disagree our relationship and (even more worse thing ps I can’t say due to personal) But in other hand I know actually a part of me can’t let go so I give him alot of chances to let change him change himself for the better but he didn’t.  I tried my best to hold on but sorry I did my best because until now Aaron still wanna lie to me and do stuff behind my back which I really hate it. Plus our breaks up had alr cause trouble for both side of parent.  So In order to make him heart die for me I put a fake relationship with Ryan which he also agree. But things get worst, Aaron post things at facebook saying bad thing about Ryan and even videos threatening him?! Then kanna stomp and even in the newspaper.  After that, Ryan , Ryan sister and Aaron have a conversation on the phone. What is the conversation I not sure. That’s why Ryan and Aaron are in a relationship. And that’s it for Ryan and Me. But as for me and Aaron we alr officially SINGLE.  So please stop saying he is my boyf. As for Ryan I wanna say sorry for the trouble cause and thanks for the help And that’s it. If got anymore question, comment I will answer your doubts :3

English fail.

I have trouble reading the Nina’s story, just like I have trouble trying to figure out what Aaron (English, Chinese and Hokkien all fail) was saying in his video.


Start of video -> “In 3 days I will be sent to Boy’s Home…”
End of Video -> “In 2 days I will be sent to Boy’s Home…”

Aaron’s Mathematics also fail.

Nonetheless, I do find Aaron’s video pretty entertaining. He has better potential as a comedian than a gangster (a better career choice too). I particularly like his catchphrase in the video, “Priest Lah… Priest Leh…”

Thanks to Aaron, now I cannot get the “Priest” word to stop ringing in my head!

On a side note, here’s another video of a guy mimicking support for Aaron:

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