Real Singaporean Fans swarmed Steven Lim! (picture via StevenLim.Net)

Real Singaporean Fans swarmed Steven Lim! (picture via StevenLim.Net)

Don’t believe me?

Steven Lim has over 2,700 followers on Twitter, over 7,200 subscribers on Facebook and over 5.5 million video views of YouTube as of today.

To prove he is very famous, Steven Lim had an informal picture taking session with his fans on Christmas Day yesterday. He notified them on the impromptus event on Facebook and Twitter, just 3 hours before the meeting, but still managed to gather a sizable crowd.

Check out this video for evidence on how famous Steven Lim is:

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Aspiring young online comedians like Priest Aaron Tan still has a lot to learn from this old, local grandmaster of nonsensical youtube videos and online antics. Maybe Aaron Tan can consider getting Steven Lim to become his shifu on online comedy after he is released from the Singapore Boys’ Home.

I am leaving you with a video of Steven Lim ranting on the Aaron Tan saga to end this blog post. Enjoy:

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(Fyi, Steven Lim and I are not blood relations though we share the same surname. Neither did he pay me money to write this blog post)