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Heroic Rendezvous Launch Party

Heroic Rendezvous Launch Party
heroic rendezvous

I went for the launch party of Hong Kong fashion brand, Heroic Rendezvous last Friday at Zouk. The event was in celebration of the official launch of its label in Singapore by opening a second outlet in Suntec City mall.

Where’s Gillian?

The guest artiste for the event was Hong Kong celebrity, Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), of Twins fame. As expected, during the press interview, she was hoarded with questions regarding the absence of the other half of the Twins duo, Gillan Chung (鍾欣桐). In case you have been living in a cave for the past few months, Gillian Chung was one of the seven female victims involved in a sex photos scandal with Hong Kong playboy celebrity, Edison Chen.

Charlene did not mention much about Gillian, except that she was taking a break from work. You can read more about the media report on omy HERE. She was calm and composed throughout the brief interview session. I thought she looked extremely gorgeous.

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Here’s some photos I took of her. 🙂

charlene autograph
Autographing and posing for cameras

Charlene gesturing
Talking about Gillian

charlene choi talking
Looking good!

sweet charlene
Still looking good even though her partner is missing.

charlene giving out prize
Giving out prizes

posing with winners
Posing for picture with all

A good crowd was present on that day btw. Check out the pictures below. Don’t ask me why there’s a cheeky looking uncle there in the second picture, I also did not notice him till I posted this here, haha (maybe he was expecting Gillian instead of Charlene).

crowd 1
Young crowd at Zouk
weird uncle
Why the uncle look so sian?
twins alliance
Twins Alliance Singapore – a very large group of fans showed up to give support

Back to the Heroic Rendezvous brand – it is easily recognised via the hand-painted doll on their clothings. They are designed by a lady called Vanessa Chan. Here’s a brief description abut her taken from the press release:

While designing, writing and drawing are hobbies of Vanessa Chan, these are also a form of livelihood for her. Her belief, that pictures accompanying words convey a deeper meaning, led her to fully immerse herself in the fashion design industry since 1998. A woman of few words, she expresses her thoughts and inspirations in the graphics seen in her works.

Her previous works have been seen in Hong Kong and Taiwan’s publications. Apart from designing clothes for her brand Heroic Rendezvous, she has a range of accessories, posters and has worked with many Hong Kong, Mainland and Taiwan celebrities like Andy Lau, Joey Yung, TWINS, Jay Chou and many others.

I am not much of a fashion person lah, so I shun comment too much about the designs. Shall let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy. 🙂

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heroic rendezvous showcase 1

heroic rendezvous showcase 2

heroic rendezvous showcase 3

heroic rendezvous showcase 4

heroic rendezvous showcase 5

heroic rendezvous showcase 6

heroic rendezvous showcase 7

heroic rendezvous showcase 8

heroic rendezvous showcase 10

heroic rendezvous showcase 12

heroic rendezvous showcase 13

heroic rendezvous showcase 15

heroic rendezvous showcase 14

If you like what you see, you can go buy them at their outlets in Central Mall or Suntec City mall.

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