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Who is Edison Chen?

edison chen

Edison Chen Kwoon-Hei is a Hong Kong celebrity, famous both for acting and singing. He is also the founder of CLOT Inc., and the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited.

Edison has been in the news a lot lately – all over China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore entertainment news. This is due to a series of leaked Hong Kong female celebrities nude pictures, said to be retrieved from Edison’s hard disk when he sent it for repair. I will blog more about the photos tomorrow. Let’s focus on Edison for now. 🙂

You can read more about him on Wikipedia.

I best remember him for his role in Infernal Affairs 1 and 2, playing the role of young Andy Lau. He’s very good-looking by the way – nothing like the photo you see above. The photo was taken from an apology video he recently released in response to the sex scandal. Given the widespread public backlash from the incident against Edison, I think he was trying very best to look as pitiful as possible to gain sympathy.

Here’s the video in full:

Said Edison in the video:

“I’ve decided to break my silence today and make this statement to the media and to all people involved in this strange ordeal. Recent documents being posted online have been intentionally hurtful and malicious not only to the victims but to our whole community.

“I have already handed matters over to the police and have been assisting them with this case from the first day onwards. Due to ongoing investigations, I am unable to comment any further upon this case.

“The lives of many innocent people have been affected by this malicious and criminal conduct, and in this regard I am filled with pain, hurt and frustration.

“I hereby use this opportunity to apologize to anyone who has been affected by this strange, strange ordeal.

“I now call upon everyone to help and assist the victims of this case. If you have ever downloaded any of these images, please do not forward them to anyone. Please do not send them to anyone. If you are still in possession of these images, I urge you to please destroy them immediately. Let’s help the wounded heal their wounds. I urge you to help the victims and not make anything worse.”

I detect the work of spin doctors here.

Edison did not deny the authencity of the obscene photos – to me, that’s an admission of guilt. The photos are real, and Edison probably was the one who took them. Instead, he chose to harp on the “malicious” crime committed by those responsible for circulating the photos.

Very clever indeed.

It’s the best way to win an argument in a gone-case scenario – you don’t have to prove you are right, you just have to prove OTHERS are WRONG (I learn this from the movie, Thank you for Smoking from the tobacco lobbyists).

Precisely what Edison is trying to do here. Don’t be tricked.

Latest Updates from omy.sg on Edison Chen‘s sex photos scandal:

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“淫照”风暴 – “淫照”男主角陈冠希打破沉默 “要怨就怨这个游戏,不好怨玩家”

“淫照”风暴 – 片商赞坚强 选做女主角 阿娇获支持狂接广告

“淫照”风暴 – “淫照”案警方追捕20嫌犯 锁定陈冠希身边的人为目标

“淫照”风暴 – 警放搜获千张艺人淫照 拘捕4男2女元凶随时落网

“淫照”风暴 – 江湖老大300万港币‘暗花’揪出“黑手”

“淫照”风暴 – 张柏芝家翁谢贤:希望警方一击即中

“淫照”风暴 – 陈冠希:这不是游戏,是我的生命。

“淫照”风暴 – 淫照乱人心 应采儿萧亚轩纷纷澄清

“淫照”风暴 – 港警捕6男女 搜出千张淫照

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“淫照”风暴 – “淫照”风波后首度打破沉默 陈冠希认错并呼吁网民销毁照片

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“淫照”风暴 – 陈冠希06年11月亲自送电脑到涉案的电脑公司修理

“淫照”风暴 – 狮城女星Rosanne自认是受害者

“淫照”风暴 – 香港淫照烧狮城 孙燕姿范文芳被移花接木

“淫照”风暴 – 燕姿经理人:幕后黑手不尊重艺人

“淫照”风暴 – 500网民游行谴责警方执法不公,高呼捉拿陈冠希

“淫照”风暴 – 网民设计“魔鬼踢屁股”游戏嘲笑陈冠希

“淫照”风暴 – 淫照风暴第一女主角阿娇 今午亮相挽演艺事业

“淫照”风暴 – 陈冠希没勇气面对群众 却喜欢炫耀珍藏照片

“淫照”风暴 – 陈冠希入行七年放荡闻名

“淫照”风暴 – 艺人淫照光碟街头卖 每只售$4

“淫照”风暴 – 婚礼取消 BoBo倚男友痛哭

“淫照”风暴 – 杨千嬅也卷入淫照风波?

“淫照”风暴 – 卷入淫照风暴 Rosanne拜观音保清白

“淫照”风暴 – 陈冠希会出席赈灾表演,以善心一洗”淫照”印象?

“淫照”风暴 – 阿娇站出来 行内人赞她勇敢

“淫照”风暴 – 谢霆锋疑戴绿帽怒扔婚戒 锋芝传签分居协议书

“淫照”风暴 – 陈冠希MSN房祖名 会回香港交代

“淫照”风暴 – 陈冠希 歌词泄露自拍癖好

“淫照”风暴 – 淫照风波 女星遭遇不同

“淫照”风暴 陈冠希17日 回港协助调查

“淫照”风暴 网友恶搞 淫照风暴男女主角

“淫照”风暴 淫照风暴外传 网络流传‘越南阿娇’春宫短片

“淫照”风暴 香港杂志出版“淫照风暴特辑”

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