You can say all you want about Singaporean influencers, but you can’t deny their power and reach. Jianhao Tan, powerhouse Singaporean YouTuber is independent and looks like he’s making bank–and has a new luxury car to show for it!

Recently, the 26-year-old Singaporean posted a photo on his Instagram account of him with his new car.

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Workin on the weekend 🛸

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Jianhao looked calm, sitting on the hood of his BMW i8, while he wore designer clothes and was sipping a Starbucks drink. The i8 is considered a sports car. Let’s also not forget that he used to have a Maserati (which he seems to have let go).

Recently, he also revealed on his Instagram account his wedding with long-time girlfriend Debbie Soon, with whom he is expecting a child in September. He and Debbie were married on May 21, 2019. The wedding video was posted only on July 14 even if the event was long over by then. It was attended by fellow influencer Dee Kosh, who was also instrumental in how Jianhao proposed to his then-wife.

You can watch the wedding video below:

The couple was married at Rasa Sentosa, Singapore.

And netizens are green with envy

Along with the nice car, beautiful wedding, and even the sponsorhips, Jianhao also has his own share of haters. Commenters on an online forum can’t see to get over the fact that Jianhao is successful in his chosen field of content creation and media. Take a look at some of the bitterness that being spewed on Singaporean forums:

Some people are not convinced of his success, and don’t know how content creators earn on YouTube. Jianhao has millions of subscribers, and his videos are well-produced and watched by millions of teens. Sponsorships are just one piece of the pie for Jianhao.

This commenter is also aware that Jianhao can be hired by brands to host events, and offers an alleged amount that is attached to such a project.

Another commenter was doubtful that the BMW that Jianhao has in the photo is his, and that the brand only used Jianhao for the photo to advertise the car to his millions of millenial subscribers.

Someone immediately disabused the former commenter of that notion.

While another person pointed out that additional height is what Jianhao really wants. The bitterness can be felt when this person says that Jianhao will never get what his heart desires. We figure that’s quite all right and a sports car does take the edge off being a bit short.

This person says that Jianhao is ahead of the pack when it comes to being a Singaporean YouTuber and that anyone new would be hard-pressed to reach the same level of success.

This commenter, on the other hand, alleges that Jianhao has a lot of fake followers or subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Someone seconded that allegation.

Again, with the height shaming, and of course, disclaimers that “I’m not envious” of course even if they notice his designer shoes and clothes.

And finally, someone tells the people on the forum to mind their own business, especially if they only have negative things to say about Jianhao’s success.

This isn’t the first time netizens were bitter about things in Jianhao’s life. Jianhao Tan proposes to Debbie in a fake event!

Even if you don’t like Jianhao or his content, you cannot deny that he has a measure of success early in his life. Congratulations on the new car, Jianhao!