Dee Kosh allegedly offered $2000 for sexual acts with underage boys - Alvinology

Dee Kosh allegedly offered $2000 for sexual acts with underage boys

A year after the allegations first surfaced against YouTuber Darryl Allan Koshy aka Dee Kosh, Singaporean authorities have charged him with several counts of underage sex-related offenses, which if proven could land him in jail for five years. Court proceedings showed that he had offered various amounts to boys as young as 15 years old in 2017, with one instance figuring up to $2000.

A previous report by Alvinology said that Dee Kosh had initially denied the claims and lashed out at the victims and netizens who bashed him–then apologized and said that there was some ‘truth’ to the allegations.

Dee Kosh a hypocrite?

In 2017, he had outed Singaporean celebrity Eden Ang for sexually harassing several girls, some underage.

Along with another popular Singaporean influencer, Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue, they outed a man named Lai Wee Kiat for allegedly featuring underage girls in an Instagram account and encouraging men to book them for ambiguous services under the SG Insta Babes Instagram account.

Dee Kosh caught for what he liked outing others for

When the allegations began on Facebook, the first person to post named @_epaul on Instagram was served a cease and desist order by Dee Kosh’s legal team at the time.

“Our Client takes grave issue with the Offending Content because they are wholly untrue, and were published without any basis or justification. In addition, some of the allegations made against our Client were do so cavalierly, and couched in extremely deprecatory terms.

“Accordingly, out Client regards the Offending Content as being defamatory of him, and takes the position that you published and circulated the Offending Content with a malicious intent to cause him harassment, harm, loss, and damage.”

Evidence presented by @_epaul when he first broke his silence were conversations with verified signs from Instagram, which showed that the real account used by Koshy was in conversation with the victim.

Dee Kosh allegedly offered $2000 for sexual acts with underage boys - Alvinology

The conversation above shows Dee Kosh’s verified Instagram account conversing with the alleged minor at the time. The exchange showed that Dee Kosh greeted the boy for his recent birthday, then continued to compliment him on his appearance.

Then Dee Kosh invited the boy to a media shoot. The boy said that he was grounded but if it was important he would be able to attend. Dee Kosh then said that the shoot would happen 10:00 in the evening onwards, and would happen all night and well into the next day.

Dee Kosh was slapped with seven criminal charges in total. These include three counts of communicating with a minor under 18 to obtain their sexual services, one of sexually exploiting a minor under 18, and three for possessing and making obscene videos.

Some of the videos allegedly contained him performing sex acts with others.

A report from TODAY said,

He is also accused of separately offering two 17-year-old boys up to S$1,000 in July 2018 and August 2020, in exchange for them performing similar acts on him.

Further, he was charged with offering a 16-year-old boy up to S$2,000 in February 2017, so he could perform a sex act on the boy.

The same report mentioned that he possessed 23 videos featuring himself and other male persons performing sex acts in his Woodlands Street 41 flat in October 2020.

He was set to return to court on Sept 15 and remained out on bail of S$20,000. He was said to be represented by lawyers from Eugene Thuraisingam LLP.

Brands that used to work with his such as Huawei and Lenovo, as well as media company Power 98 have distanced themselves from his once the allegations surfaced in 2020.

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