Cosplayer accuses Eden Ang of alleged sexual harassment - Alvinology

Cosplayer accuses Eden Ang of alleged sexual harassment

In a Facebook post published just yesterday evening, January 25, Singaporean cosplayer Kuroe Kun accused prominent YouTube content creator Eden Ang of allegedly sexually harassing her friend.

The Facebook post may be seen below (but has since been taken down:

Cosplayer accuses Eden Ang of alleged sexual harassment - Alvinology

In case the post gets taken down, here is the full text of Kuroe’s post:

Friend gets harassed sexually by popular YouTuber Eden Ang > Reports to police > Police turns her away and blames her for being harassed

GGWP police sir you’ve failed me and have conclusively just lost some trust. What do you mean it’s her fault for dressing like that?? My friend can dress however she likes, whatever she likes, and if she’s touched, the fault is on the man.

The man was unable to stop himself from slapping her ass and touching her inappropriately.

Eden Ang, I absolutely despise you for harming my friend. She won’t forgive herself and blames herself. She complied out of fear. Fear. You sick man. You know that the police won’t be able to do anything because there’s “no evidence” and it’s just her case but no. It’s not just her.

She knows more than 1 other person who was also sexually harassed by you. She was cornered, she complied because she was scared. You absolutely do not call that consensual and blame her. How dare you neglect your duty as a police officer.

Where are your values, your morals? A girl is asking for help against an identified predator and you blame the victim. No, she isn’t a victim, let me rephrase, she’s a survivor. She’s a strong woman that took the courage to come to you to report. But you turned her away. I am disgusted with you.

A female police officer had told her to report. She did. This male investigator said “it’s your fault”. These 3 words, do you not understand how hurtful it is? Hearing a law enforcement officer say its your fault?

Eden Ang I don’t know who you are and I’m glad I never watched any of your videos and gave you view revenue. Screw you and I hope karma befalls upon you.


So he did spank her ass but other than that he asked her to strip to a top and underwear. Underwear. My boy. Eden Ang. How could you? She complied because he said he would spank her if she didn’t (you still laid your hands on her even after threatening) wow, my god. This is the part that police said was consensual.

They said it was consensual because she complied to his demand out of fear. Dear police officer (IO), please please please understand the concept of threats and fear. Thank you.

Eden, I have no words for you. I’m speechless. I’m shocked. I would spew a stream of vulgarities but honestly you aren’t worth it. You’re not worth anything and I just want you to know that I am disgusted. I’m disgusted with you and the IO that shamed my friend.

2nd Edit:
My friend said Eden is experienced and knows how not to leave evidence. He did not deny nor admit to what he did to my friend. Unfortunately, I will not forgive this man.

3rd Edit: Thank you to everyone for the support. My friend is very grateful. Sexual harassment is not a joke. If anyone is harassed, please speak out about it. Once again, thank you. Because you gave my friend a voice.

In the post above, Kuroe said that Eden Ang allegedly slapped and touched her friend’s derriere. She has also accused the Singapore Police Force of ignoring her friend’s complaint. It is unclear as to what date, time, place, and specific event this had happened.

Here is our interview with Lilith, the girl central to the allegations against Eden.

According to the account, Kuroe’s friend was also allegedly threatened by Eden Ang. He reportedly said he would slap her backside (it is unclear whether this was a separate incident) if she did not remove her clothing. According to Kuroe, he still spanked her even if she complied.

Kuroe also said that the police allegedly said the incident was consensual and that they could not do anything without evidence. She mentioned that her friend had complied out of fear.

She also said that she knows a lot of other girls who have experienced similar situations with Eden.

Along with her lengthy post detailing some particulars of the harassment, Kuroe also included an alleged screenshot of Eden Ang contacting her or the friend he supposedly assaulted. This photo has also been taken down on Kuoe Kun’s Facebook page:

Cosplayer accuses Eden Ang of alleged sexual harassment - Alvinology

In the post above, a person named Eden Ang in WhatsApp allegedly trying to apologise for an unknown matter. He tries to call the recipient in order to apologise over a call.

It is unclear whether the messages above pertain to the accusations of sexual harassment.

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UPDATE: Eden Ang has since refuted the allegations against him and made a police report. 

UPDATE: Lilith has come forward as the victim of Eden Ang’s alleged harassment.


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