Yesterday, a Facebook post with almost 1000 shares accused Eden Ang of sexually assaulting a cosplayer’s friend. In the post, Singaporean cosplayer Kuroe Kun said that Eden Ang allegedly spanked her friend’s derriere.

He also allegedly threatened her friend with spanking unless she would strip down to a top and her underwear.

The post also detailed how the allegedly harassed cosplayer went to the police only to be turned away because of lack of evidence and details that pointed to her being consensual to the spanking.

But as midnight rolled in, Eden Ang has denied the allegations with this Facebook post:

A girl named Lilith comes forward as Eden Ang’s alleged victim.

According to the post above, Eden has sought the help of the Singapore Police Force regarding the “malicious allegations” made against him on Facebook. He thanked his family and friends for letting him know and for the support why’ve given him.

The original post on Facebook accusing Eden of harassment provided this screenshot as proof that he allegedly did assault a cosplayer:

But another set of photographs may prove that the person in the chatroom above did do something wrong. It is still unclear if the person in the chat conversation is the same Eden being accused of sexual predation. Take a loo at the photos below, which were posted by YouTuber Dee Kosh:

One believes in the police, the other has lost faith

In this continuing saga, it’s important to note that Kuroe Kun’s original post detailed how her friend’s trip to file a complaint with the Singapore Police Force did not go well.

Kuroe herself said on her Facebook account that she was very disappointed with how the police handled the complaint. In the post, she said that the IO or Investigative officer allegedly said that it was her friend’s fault that she was assaulted. She also said that the officers demanded more evidence and considered the incident consensual.

Read our interview with Lilith, the makeup artist and influencer who was allegedly harassed from the first post.

This was said despite allegedly saying that her friend was supposedly fearful of the consequences if she did not give in to Eden’s demands that she take off her clothes and leave only her top and underwear.

Eden, on the other hand, expressed faith in the police who are allegedly handling his case. He has filed a police report and said that the police are investigating the matter.

Is Eden Ang our very own Aziz Ansari?

What do netizens think of the whole issue?

As the story is developing, both Facebook and Hardware Zone’s Eat-Drink-Man-Woman netizen base have weighed in on the issue. Here are some of their comments:

Some thought that the accusations against Eden were fake:

Others expressed support for Eden:

Some, on EDMW, said that Kuroe’s comment about how a girl dresses is not good advice.

Others suggested that some parts of the accusations could be fake.

Some gave practical advice.

Other commenters told Kuroe to ask her friend to go to several Singaporean agencies and non-governmental organisations to get help, counselling and knowledge on how to handle this issue.

What do you think of this sexual harassment case against Eden? Fake or real? Let us know in the comments!