NUS Master's student assaults mother's genitals with padlock, starves her to relieve stress - Alvinology

NUS Master’s student assaults mother’s genitals with padlock, starves her to relieve stress

In 2017, a National University of Singapore Master’s student abused and did unspeakable acts to his own elderly mother, just because he was stressed with school work.

30-year-old Andy Koh Ju Hua starved his mother, and also used a large padlock and his knee to abuse her genitals in a heinous crime, according to TODAY. He blamed school work and the stress of finishing his Master’s degree on what he had done to his mother.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday (March 16) to four counts of voluntarily causing hurt, one of which is under the newly enhanced provisions for victims in close relationships with the accused.

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NUS Master's student assaults mother's genitals with padlock, starves her to relieve stress - Alvinology

Who is Andy Koh Ju Hua?

The report said that Koh lived with both parents in 2017 when his studies had made him quite distressed. Due to his difficulties with schoolwork, he then forbade his mother from bathing or making any noise in the home.

The victim said that she did not report any of it to the police because she did not want to jeopardize her son’s future. She instead confided in other relatives instead, like her nephew and niece.

Before she told the police about the offenses her son committed, she had been hospitalized three times. She was also removed from a living situation with her son and placed in a safehouse, but she always returned.

One incident of abuse happened in January 2018, where her son had used his knee to inflict injury on her groin. He meant to hurt her with his actions. She was only cared for when her niece noticed that she was having pain in her lower regions and looked unkempt.

While at the hospital for this particular episode, she lied to doctors and authorities that she fell down the stairs. She did not want to implicate her son. The report said, “A medical report noted extensive bruising over the victim’s abdomen, buttocks, lower limbs and external genitalia. She was started on intravenous antibiotics and discharged later that month.”

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That was not the last nor the worst incident of abuse. When Koh’s mother returned in December 2018, he hit her face with his hands. He also hit her private parts with a heavy metal padlock. He hooked the item to his finger then struck her.

Just like the incidents before, she did not retaliate or defend herself, and let her son take out his frustrations over schoolwork matters and other issues on her body. Her injuries this time included bleeding in her vaginal area and swelling on various parts of her body.

NUS Master's student assaults mother's genitals with padlock, starves her to relieve stress - Alvinology

June 2020 saw another abusive episode. Her son punched her in the mouth three times, and she ran out of the home desperately. Relatives said she looked frail and sickly. This time, she told the doctors and authorities what her son had done.

Unrepentant about abusing his mother

Court proceedings showed that Koh did not feel bad about what he had done to his mother. He even expressed that he looked forward to being with his mother again since he wanted to take care of her in her old age.

The accused was said to have sniffled, and appeared without a lawyer.

“I love my mother a lot and I do not know why I committed all those silly things to her. I need to undergo treatment to overcome my psychotic disorder,” he said.

“I hope to undergo treatment and cure myself so that I can live happily ever after with my mother. She is not young anymore and I certainly wish to take care of her in her remaining days.”

The judge has adjourned the case to a later date pending a mandatory treatment order evaluation.

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