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Four Reasons Why Asher Shares Snapask With His Friends

As Asher starts Primary 4 this year, I am glad to have Snapask ease my mental load of how he will deal with transitioning to upper primary. With Snapask, Asher has a ready and reliable outlet to get help with his schoolwork, and hopefully, this will accelerate this learning. What’s this magical thing? It’s an instantaneous tutor-matching app that Asher has been using since the December school holidays. 

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What Snapask can do for you

On Snapask, you just snap a picture of any questions you are stuck at and a tutor on the app will guide you through it. This is the “Ask a Question” function and the best part is that there is no time limit. There is also the “Mini Class” (30 mins duration) which is recommended for more in-depth discussion, such as for difficult concepts or essays. Furthermore, there are also courses and quizzes on the app to enrich the learning journey. 

Asher’s experience 

Asher tried the app during the school holidays for his Math, Science, and English work. As I shared earlier, I noticed that Asher settled down to do his revision faster ever since he started using Snapask. Knowing that he can get help readily should he encounter any problems is a motivating factor and lessens his inertia to sit down to study. Good start to the new school year! 

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Four reasons why Asher likes Snapask

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1. He sets the pace

With Snapask, Asher gets one-to-one attention for every question he asks. In class-setting, he would have to wait his turn to ask his question, follow the pace of the class and sit through other classmates’ questions which he might already understand. But with Snapask, the focus is just on him and he sets the pace of his learning. 

2. More time for play

The time saved on preparing to go out and traveling back and forth to tuition classes outside equals more time for his video and computer games. Also, because he gets personalized guidance from the tutor, he solves his doubts faster and can finish his work faster, which again gives him more time to play. Work hard, play hard!  

3. Good experience with the tutors 

So far, we have had positive experiences with the tutors on the app. They were patient in giving step-by-step explanations and never once made Asher felt rushed. Asher had a negative experience with a tuition teacher who was snappy with him before, so this point about patient tutors is particularly important. 

4. He feels less shy asking questions

In a class setting, Asher sometimes holds back from clarifying his doubts as he feels self-conscious. He is also afraid of holding back the class with his questions. He then brings the doubts home, which tend to accumulate and leads to stress, especially during the exam period. Using Snapask, he feels very comfortable typing his questions to the tutors and hence gets all his questions resolved promptly and thoroughly. 

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Try Snapask for yourself

You can experience Snapask for free. Sign up for an account and you will get free credits to use for asking questions.

Happy Chinese new year!

Specially for Chinese New year, spin the Snapask wheel of fortune for a chance to win prizes worth up to $2,888. Prizes include Snapask vouchers and gifts from other merchants such as Wild Wild Wet and Goguru (Times bookstore).

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