Thanks to the internet and technology, earning money is no longer as difficult as it was years ago. Girls like Tak0w0, a Chinese Singaporean cosplayer, uses artist platform Patreon to fund her food and transportation costs through sharing sexy and everyday photos to her fans and patrons.

Who is Tak0w0?

According to her Patreon page, Tak0w0 is an 18-year-old Chinese Singaporean who likes to cosplay and take photos of herself.

She said that she isn’t currently enrolled in any school, for mental and health reasons, which is why she takes photos of herself. She usually posts pictures on her Instagram account, but offers more content and exclusive, sexy photos on her Patreon.

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Patreon is a website that allows content creators to charge monthly subscriptions to their fans, followers, and supporters in exchange for content exclusive to “patrons.”

While artists usually upload more artwork, tutorials, and even some brushes and tools for their followers, cosplayers would provide extra hi-resolution photos for their patrons, which seems to be Tak0w0’s business model here.

Tak0w0’s Instagram account

If you don’t want to pay for photos, she also posts regularly on her Instagram account, giving a lot of her fans quite a bit of content to work with.

She usually teases her upcoming Patreon-only sexy photos on her Instagram as well, but is very transparent and forthright about people who may want to cancel their pledge that month if they don’t like the theme of her photos.

No nudes, but there are lewds

She makes sure to tell her Instagram followers that she won’t be posting nude photos. She does, however, say that she will post adult-only, not-safe-for-work photos that can only be viewed by adults.

She also says that she would delete her old photos every month to make things fair for subscribers who only log on and pledge on that particular month.

She lets people support her for at least $5, but they won’t be able to get exclusive content that isn’t on her Patreon feed. Her highest tier may allow patrons to request her to come and visit them in their home country.

For $288, you can also get a set of photos with her most daring poses. You could also get sent all her old photo sets if you pledge $450.

What does she do with the money?

According to her Patreon, she uses the money she gets from pledges for transportation costs and living expenses, specifically food. She prefers private transportation and she also purchases cosplay materials and outfits for her photo shoots.

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She says that most of the money she makes goes to her food budget as she says that she is obviously “unhealthy.”

Tak0w0 also says that she doesn’t like it when people share out her exclusive photos without her permission. She also makes sure to tell her patrons that they won’t go to jail if people found out they possessed her photos, whatever that means.

She currently has 15 patrons, and is offering special extra content for the first 45 subscribers to her Patreon.

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