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11 Prettiest Asian Cosplayers to Follow on Instagram

The standard of cosplaying has reached incredible heights throughout the years. Bringing fictional characters to life is becoming more and more realistic. People are more focused on the facial appearance, rather than just wearing a costume. With thousands of fictional characters acting as the canvas for cosplayers’ imaginations, the number of Asian cosplayers have grown exponentially and they are increasingly putting more effort into their craft.

Asian cosplayers display their cosplaying passion and influence all over the world with the help of social media. Instagram, in particular, is the perfect social media platform for cosplayers to fully showcase their efforts through photo spreads. That is why, what is easily capturing the hearts of cosplay fans are the pretty faces of the cosplaying industry. They are stunning, fierce, hot, and at times breathtaking – a fantasy come to life for adolescent boys.

Below is a list of 11 prettiest Asian cosplayers to follow on Instagram.

[1] Miyuki

Miyuki is not just keeping the world of cosplay alive. She is currently on a mission to fight diseases being a PhD student. A pretty doc who loves to cosplay in her very limited time, watch anime and play video games… what more can we ask?

[2] Enako

Enako is a professional Japanese cosplayer and a local celebrity. She loves to sing and does the occasional voice acting. She also loves to play video games.


[3] Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia is one of the most famous cosplayers in Asia with an anime-perfect face that blends into almost any female anime characters. She is a Filipina, and a well-known celebrity in the Philippines with singing and acting as side hobbies. She is also the ambassador of Animax-Asia, and appeared on the Filipino FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in 2009 ranking #87.

[4] Yaya Han

Yaya Han started as a costume designer and model before getting hooked up in cosplaying. Chinese in blood, she is currently based in Atlanta and has established a great reputation in the cosplaying industry all over Southeast Asia. She designs and creates her own costumes during spare time.

[5] Misa Chiang

Misa Chiang is a renowned cosplayer from Taiwan. She has been invited as a guest of honour and cosplay judge at several cosplaying events all over the world. Although she gathered an equal number of haters and lovers, Misa continues to prove that she is one of the best Asian cosplayer in the world.

[6] Yau Coser

This Chinese cosplayer is mostly active around Southeast Asia. He has received numerous awards in many cosplaying events. He believes that all costumes and props should be made by the cosplayer’s own hands, rather than buying them.

[7] Liui

Liui is a male cosplayer in the Philippines. He’s been obsessed with anime since his childhood and fell in love with cosplaying around 2010. He started off as just an admirer of other cosplayers and never imagined having his own fans later in his cosplaying years. Besides cosplaying, Liui is also a businessman, freelance model and craftsman – a wearer of many hats indeed.

[8] Chun WX

Another male cosplayer in the Philippines, Chun WX is considered a rookie in the cosplaying industry – he debut back in 2014. However, don’t judge a man by his title. Chun WX has gathered a significant fanbase all over Asia for the past 2 years – enough to establish himself as one of the best cosplayers in Southeast Asia. He is very dedicated to his art, so much so that he even writes ink all over his body just to achieve the perfect look.

[9] Linda Le

Linda Le is a Vietnamese who grew up in America. She is famously known as “’Vampy’ in the cosplaying industry. Being one of the prettiest female cosplayers, her fans in Asia have backed that up by perceiving her as the hottest cosplay attraction. She was invited several times to attend anime and cosplaying events in Southeast Asia, and was featured on FHM Singapore December 2013 issue.

[10] Myrtle Sarossa

Myrtle is a popular celebrity in the Philippines. Before becoming a TV personality, she was already into cosplaying but was hardly recognized. When she joined the Philippines’ franchise of Big Brother Reality TV Show last 2012, fans started paying attention and found out that she is an amazing cosplayer. She is now considered one of the prettiest and sexiest cosplayer in Southeast Asia.

[11] Saida

Saida is a cute Korean cosplayer, model and costume maker who loves her books and comics. She makes her own costumes. Saida also counts playing musical instruments as one of her hobbies. Her fans love her creativity and uniqueness in the art of cosplaying, not to mention her pretty face.

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