With a population of over 200,000 residents and sitting on 21.24 km sq or land of which 3.98 km sq is residential, Yishun is one of the largest mature suburban towns in Singapore, complete with its own shopping malls, train stations and other infrastructures.

Yishun has about all you need for a residential town and on the surface, would appear to be a great place to live and buy a home at. However, it’s reputation is badly tainted online, due to netizens tracking all the reporting of crimes and weird incidents happening in Yishun over a period of time. It then became known as a town for siao langs (crazy people in Hokkien).

In the online world, Yishun becomes a meme, synonymous with crazy. For instance, when someone says something crazy, another person may ask: “Is he from Yishun?”.

Jokes aside, a forummer at EDMW forum called VoteWisely started a thready recently titled: GPGT: Nobody wanna stay Yishun? Applicants less than number of units. 

The thread featured a screenshot of what was described as the closing new BTO flat applications in Singapore for November 2018:

What was interesting to note is that every single new BTO offerings were severely oversubscribed, with some BTOs in Sembawang having ratios as high as 6 to 7 applicants for every flat available. Conversely for the new BTO at Yishun, Melody Spring @ Yishun, it was the only BTO which attracted less applicants than available units, with the ratios going as low as 0.4 and 0.8 for their 4-room and 5-room flats on offer respectively.

Is this the result of the supposed “bad reputation” of Yishun caused by the online world?

The memes and jokes aside, as mentioned earlier, Yishun is a great mature estate with full amenities and infrastructures to boost for a large suburban residential town.

What do you think? Do share with us your thoughts about this strange phenomenon.