7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor - Alvinology

7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor

When we travel, we often admire the pretty souvenirs that the locals sell, and it’s not easy to turn away from these rows of street vendors or shops with their colourful, lovely goods. Everything seems so interesting, and we’d think, “Oh, I’ll find a way to display it at home,” but when we get home, they’re usually forgotten after a few days. Before you embark onto the next adventure, check out this list of travel keepsakes that you can actually use for decor. From indigenous fabrics to canvas Singapore prints, hopefully these ideas can help you choose what to buy for your travel keepsakes, things that you can actually use and at the same time, remind you of the good things on your trip.

  1. Fabrics

7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor - Alvinology

Fabrics are such amazing travel keepsakes to use as decorative pieces. For one thing, they’re easy to find, and as each place has their own character and style, it means that the fabrics are distinctive and unique. Woven fabrics, embroideries, linens, or even macrame, speaks volumes of the origin and craftsmanship. The best thing is, they are highly versatile decor items. Drapes, sofa throws, tablecloths, or wall hangings, you can use it however you fancy, as the use is not limited to one thing.

  1. Cushion cover

7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor - Alvinology

Just like fabrics, cushion covers are beautifully unique. The combination of colours and patterns is different from one another, and you can tell at a glance the whereabouts of the place you got it from. They’re as functional as they’re beautiful, and they can instantly brighten up a dull-looking sofa, or even a room.

  1. Corals and seashells

7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor - Alvinology

You don’t always have to spend money to get beautiful travel keepsakes, sometimes there are things in nature that can be used for decoration. If you go to the beach, keep an eye on the corals and seashells that are washed ashore. Seashells are such versatile items that can be made into various decorative pieces. From classic items like photo frames or mirrors, to more creative pieces like shadow boxes and wind chimes, you can be sure that your beach keepsakes will be put to good use. If you’re a busy bee and don’t have much time for craft projects, you can choose big corals or seashells for coffee table accessories, or you can buy a pretty glass container and fill it with little shells. Quick and easy!

  1. Vintage postcards

7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor - Alvinology

Normal postcards (the ones with images of the city) are nice, but if you want to take your home decor game to the next level, try to find vintage postcards. Not only they’re unique, but they also look good and classy, especially when they’re framed. A little tip: Don’t just buy 1 postcard! Usually, they come in sets or series, so it’s worth getting them all together. A few pieces of postcard definitely look better than just one, standalone postcard.

  1. Map

7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor - Alvinology

A map is another meaningful travel keepsake that is affordable and great for decoration. Seeing the places you’ve visited or the street names on the map can really bring back fond memories. Whether you opt for a vintage or illustrated map, a geographical or city map, it’s entirely up to you. Choose the map that suits your style, and if it features the details of your favourite places, even better!

  1. Painting of the city

7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor - Alvinology

Apart from photographs, the painting of the city are the next best keepsake to remind you of your trip. A painting of Chatuchak market, the row of coffee shops in Le Marais, or Edinburgh Castle perched on a hill, for example, can be a gorgeous decorative piece for your home, and also a reminder of the places you’ve visited. If it’s possible, try to buy it from the local artist.

  1. Canvas print

7 Travel Keepsakes You Can Use for Home Decor - Alvinology

Travel souvenirs are great, but what’s even better is a personalised keepsake. While these things can remind you of the places you’ve visited and the experiences you’ve had on your holiday, your own creation would be far more precious. So how about turning your favourite holiday shot into a wall art? Whether it’s a photo of you and your family frolicking on the beach, a shot of Angkor Wat in the dusk, or the stunning skyline of NYC, any of your favourite photos can definitely be made into a wall art. Creating wall art from your photos is easy and hassle-free, as there are many online printing services like Photojaanic that can help you just with a few clicks.

Now that you’ve got these ideas, hopefully you know what to look for the next time you travel. Just make sure you have enough room in your suitcase to bring back the beautiful keepsakes of your travel.


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