Step into a World of Stories: Unveiling StoryFest 2023's Enchanting Event – Story Walk - Alvinology

Step into a World of Stories: Unveiling StoryFest 2023’s Enchanting Event – Story Walk

This October, mark your calendars for the much-anticipated return of StoryFest 2023, reimagined in a fresh and captivating format: introducing Story Walk – an enchanting outdoor storytelling experience that invites you to immerse yourself in tales that come alive against the enchanting backdrop of the Civic District.

Presented by Arts House Limited (AHL) and The Storytelling Centre Limited (TSCL), this one-of-a-kind event promises to whisk you away into the world of art, culture, and captivating narratives.

Step into a World of Stories: Unveiling StoryFest 2023's Enchanting Event – Story Walk - Alvinology

Rediscover the Civic District Through Stories

Picture this: strolling along the riverside with stories floating through the air like magic. Story Walk is your golden ticket to rediscover the allure of the arts and culture precinct, all while being swept away by the power of storytelling. As you explore iconic monuments, institutions, and public spaces, get ready to witness them in a whole new light, thanks to the art of storytelling.

The pathway you’ll tread upon will be punctuated by three exquisite art benches, strategically placed to offer the perfect moments for tales to be shared. These benches are not just ordinary seats – they’re part of the Benchmarks public art trail, an initiative by the Civic District Alliance, created to breathe life into this vibrant district.

Tales Woven in Art and History

Guided by the masterful storytellers Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Laura Kee, and Hafiz Rashid, this adventure promises an array of captivating stories that blend history and imagination. Local veteran author Verena Tay has ingeniously woven together these tales, drawing inspiration from the art benches’ concepts and origins, merging historical facts with dashes of fiction.

From humorous escapades that unfolded in rice godowns to the stories of intrepid seafarers who called the waters their home, each tale paints a vivid picture of the past. Experience the Singapore River as it welcomed ships from distant lands, or uncover the secrets hidden within the heritage buildings that grace the district.

Craft Your Own Memories

After the walk, head to The Arts House for a guided paper craft activity. Discover original prints on postcards by local artists Victor Emmanuel and Stellah Lim, inspired by your Story Walk journey. Let your creativity flow as you design your very own personalized art bench mementos. Families with young adventurers can enjoy linocut prints featuring delightful river otter motifs, while adults can indulge in the intricate wood grain patterns.

Step into a World of Stories: Unveiling StoryFest 2023's Enchanting Event – Story Walk - Alvinology

Dates, Tickets, and Beyond

Two Story Walk sessions await you on the 6 and 7 of October, each lasting an hour. The morning session is tailored for families with children aged 6-8, while the evening session caters to a wider audience. Tickets are priced at $10 each, but act swiftly as slots are limited. Secure your tickets here.

And for those who can’t make it this time, fret not! A digital version of Story Walk will be available in January as part of the Light to Night Festival 2024.

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