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Alvinology’s Weight Loss Journey with Absolute Wellness Singapore – Part 2

In a previous post, I shared on how I embarked on a weight loss journey with Absolute Wellness and lost 2.7kg in 2 weeks. Now that I’ve completed the 4-week program, I will share my thoughts on how it went.

From personal experience, I always find it harder to maintain your desired weight than to actually lose it. Even before joining Absolute Wellness, I already had an established fitness routine of daily exercise and a balanced diet. This includes going to the gym three times a week and jog about three days a week. At the gym, I will do 30 minutes of cardio exercise followed by some weight training. For my routine jog, this will be about 30 minutes, covering about 5km.

Despite all that effort, my weight has hit a plateau. It also starts to yo-yo once I stop having the time to exercise or diet, which makes it very exhausting to maintain. Plus, since my fitness routine was disrupted by the Circuit Breaker (gym and swimming pool closures), my weight has piled on quite a bit!

According to my friends at Absolute Wellness, the cause of this constant struggle is a slow metabolism. Without fixing the metabolism, there’s a limit as to how far dieting and exercise can help you with weight loss. Their CSH (Cupping Therapy; Scrapping Therapy; and Heat Treatment) program helps by targeting and increasing our metabolism in a natural and long-lasting manner.

What I really liked about Absolute Wellness

Alvinology's Weight Loss Journey with Absolute Wellness Singapore - Part 2 - Alvinology

Their CSH therapy program finally helped me to break through my 77kg plateau (plus all the pounds I gained during circuit-breaker). I was able to start losing weight and feel my clothes loosening up.

Another thing that was different about Absolute Wellness’ treatments was the steady and predictable weight loss. Throughout the whole program, my weight dropped consistently without major fluctuations. There was a session when it stagnated because I was eating too much, but otherwise, my weight was dropping after each session.

I was also impressed by the seeming ability of the treatments to reduce my appetite. Most people who go on self-imposed diets have a really hard time controlling their hunger pangs, which is why dieting to lose weight can be difficult to sustain. This is where Absolute Wellness’s treatments can help. I was told that most clients experience their appetite shrinking within a week of starting treatment, allowing us to feel fuller on smaller portions without compromising on health.

Despite eating lesser, I am still able to continue with my daily 30 minutes exercises without feeling weak or faint. This was of an issue previously when I exercise and diet on my own. Even though I was able to lose weight faster, there were giddy spells and near blackout which I would not want to experience again.

The sessions with Absolute Wellness has kickstarted a more sustainable journey towards losing and maintaining my weight. With the experience gained, I am confident I will be able to better control my weight after this.

Treatments with Absolute Wellness

The CSH therapy program consists of twice a week of treatments (this can be adjusted depending on your schedule). Most importantly, their consultants are there to guide you very closely and make sure you’re alright.

The treatment portion comprises of a 3-step regime that incorporates traditional Chinese methods such as cupping, scraping (guasha) and heat treatment to produce natural, lasting and noticeable results.

The cupping and scraping are meant to boost the metabolism. While the perception may be that cupping and scraping are painful, I found them to be quite painless (at least to me and I have a low pain threshold). You get used to them after the first few sessions.

Additionally, there is also a heat treatment which is more targeted, and works on shrinking pockets of stubborn fats for contouring purposes. For women, these stubborn areas tend to be the hips, waist and thighs, while men’s stubborn fat tends to concentrate around the tummy. The first time I tried this, the fire on my tummy surprised me. You will feel your problem area tighten noticeably a day or two after. I’m told this option is very popular among the ladies because they’re more interested in contouring their lower bodies.

No extreme dieting, no exercise, no pills required

There are also some recommended eating guidelines that you’ll be advised to follow for a few weeks. It’s nothing like extreme dieting. Instead, it’s about eating cleaner and temporarily reducing your intake of salt, simple sugars and processed foods. Once the program ends, you can stop following those guidelines and your weight is supposed to maintain due to a healthier metabolism.

Keeping a clean diet
Keeping a clean diet

Thankfully, the guidelines are also flexible and your consultants will adjust it based on your current habits and lifestyle. For me, I was told it was okay to cut back on my daily exercises as they will make me hungrier.

I appreciate the patience of the Absolute Wellness consultants here. They are very understanding towards customers’ eating habits, not judgmental at all and will advise you without being preachy.

Other than no to extreme dieting, the best part is that the treatments require zero pills, zero exercise and zero add-on products of any sort. It’s designed to be simple and fuss-free.

Final Verdict

Over 4 weeks, I saw the following results:

  • My tummy shrink by more than 5cm and my waist by 4cm. This made quite a noticeable difference in terms of clothing.
  • My fat dropped from 23.7% to 21.7%. I am told that the program helps their clients lose about 2% fat over 4 weeks. Again, this is with zero exercise for these individuals.
  • My weight dropped from 77.7kg to 74kg, a very steady decline of 3.7kg. Their female clients tend to lose around 3-5kg in 4 weeks, and their male clients tend to lose around 4-6kg due to a naturally faster metabolism. My weight loss is probably on the lower end because I wanted to continue weight training at the gym, which builds heavy muscle. This is alright with me since my personal focus is on fat loss, not on weight loss.

My treatments ended 2 weeks ago and I’ve been monitoring my weight on an ad-hoc basis. So far, it has maintained between 74kg and 75kg. There has been no nasty rebound even though I’ve gone back to eating whatever I wanted.

Overall, this has been a significant personal achievement and I am extremely satisfied with the results, thanks to the consultants at Absolute Wellness (especially Doreen who became like a good friend). I’ve also decided to start my second round of treatments in August to continue working towards my 70kg target.

The CSH therapy program has also been a massive success for countless clients with lots of happy testimonials to share. You can easily find those over a simple Google search.

To book a free consultation or find out more about Absolute Wellness’s CSH therapy program, visit the official website.

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