Alvinology’s Weight Loss Journey with Absolute Wellness Singapore

For those who just got to know me, you might be surprised to find out that I used to weigh 99kg back in 2016 – which was my heaviest. After intense exercises and multiple diet routines, I managed to achieve 69kg within 3months. Sounds incredible but it is true.

Since then, I started getting complacent and skipped one too many exercises and indulged in foods that are high in calories and carbohydrates. I started snacking after 10pm and ate as much as I wanted and whatever I wanted.

The two-month circuit breaker didn’t help either. Due to this, I have gained a total of 8kg due to bad eating habits staying at home.

Over the years, it has made me realised that it is harder to maintain your desired weight than to actually lose it. I have been trying to shed that extra 8kg for the longest time. It tends to go down a little when I exercise and diet intensely for a few weeks, and then rebound again with a vengeance. Poor metabolism and aging probably contributed to the resistance too. Thankfully, we have Absolute Wellness to the rescue.

Started out in 2002 as a home-based business by Irene Chye, she expanded her flourishing business together and accomplished 3 successful outlets in a span of just 6 years. Using traditional Chinese methods, their treatments vows to help boost your metabolism, allowing for fast and long-term weight loss. They’ve helped thousands of clients since, many of them in their 30s to 50s who find it harder to maintain their weight as their metabolism slows down with age.

Does that sound good to you? Well, me too. I was intrigued by all the phenomenal reviews online and also seen the results of Absolute Wellness’ therapy on Rachel and my business partner, Soon Koon.

Rachel has gone for a round of treatments back in 2015 to get rid of her love handles and has shown tremendous results.

Soon Koon himself lost a smacking 12kg.

Of course, weight loss isn’t just about looking good; it also helps reduce many health risks, which are generally associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and excessive weight gain. In the recent light of the COVID-19 outbreak, I am more determined to stay as healthy and as fit as I can to not only protect my own well being, but for my family’s well being as well.

My goal was to drop from 77kg to around 70 to 72kg with a routine that I can maintain easily, without the fear of any rebound. Hence, I decided to seek professional help from the team at Absolute Wellness instead of achieving it alone.

How was the weight loss achieved with Absolute Wellness?

I met Irene Chye back in 2015, and I must say, seeing her again in 2020 was astonishing. She seemed to have not gained weight after 5 years. Seeing her has motivated me even more to get started immediately on her Cupping Therapy; Scrapping Therapy; and Heat Treatment (CSH)! So how does Absolute Wellness’ CSH therapy work?

Well, the CSH therapy program is a 3-step regime that incorporates traditional Chinese methods such as cupping, scraping (gua sha) and heat treatment to produce natural, lasting and noticeable results.The best part is that it requires no pills, no exercise, no extreme dieting and no add-on products of any sort. It’s designed to be simple and fuss-free.

Cupping and scraping in particular, are said to help boost our metabolism, improve blood circulation while flushing out deep toxins that interfere with weight loss. Their heat treatment is more targeted, and works on shrinking pockets of stubborn fats in problem areas. For women, these problem areas tend to be the hips, waist and thighs, while men’s stubborn fat tends to concentrate around the tummy.

The program has been a massive success for countless clients with lots of happy testimonials to share which you can easily find over a simple Google search.

Before getting started, there would be a complimentary consultation by their helpful and friendly consultant (mine was Doreen, who’ve been with Absolute Wellness since 2014) who will advise on the best way forward depending on your needs.

Besides that, they would advise on some sensible eating habits that you can adopt during your treatment to support the whole process. For best results, I was asked to attend treatment twice a week. Each session is about an hour long.

The holistic approach not only helps you slim down, but also shrinks your appetite and improves your metabolism in a lasting manner so your weight doesn’t rebound.

My Results to Date

By the halfway mark of my month-long program, I dropped a significant 2.7kg after 2 weeks. Having lost 4cm around the tummy and 2cm around the waist, I’ve also felt a big difference in my clothes. The obvious paunch that I started to develop round the waist had visibly decreased in size. I will be sharing more on my progress after going through the second half of treatments. Stay tuned for my final results.

To book a free consultation or find out more, visit the Absolute Wellness official website. They’ve fully reopened for Phase 2. You might also want to take advantage of their current 20% promo off all packages, valid till 14 July 2020.


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