WTF is migme? - Alvinology

WTF is migme?

WTF is migme? - Alvinology

Looks like the Grace Tan vs Xiaxue is not ending without a last blog post from Xiaxue. Here it is, after all the lawyering from both sides.

Anyway, I noticed there is a screen grab on Xiaxue’s post which showed migme (where I work):

WTF is migme? - Alvinology

WTF is migme?

Since I am a staff, this is a good opportunity for us to share with Singaporeans what is migme, an Australia-listed social media platform with over 10 million monthly active users across Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

The “WTF” from Xiaxue is not surprising as we do not have a strong user base in Singapore as it is not a key target market. The core of our users are from countries like Indonesia, Nepal, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, among others.

The head office where I work at, is located in Singapore though. We also have offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

Grace is one of the active users on migme and her account is @thegracetan on our platform. There are many other Singapore bloggers on board too, like @smithankyou, @ninjagirls, @mintleong and @lesterchan (who was a ex-staff and chose to leave after I joined; well done Lester).

Via our corporate website:

migme Limited (ASX: MIG | WKN: A117AB) is a global digital media company focused on emerging markets.

The company’s flagship product is social entertainment platform migme, providing chat, entertainment, and microblogging services to acquire new users, amidst a vibrant, successful and growing virtual goods economy for monetization. Revenue is generated via gifts, games, avatar items, emoticons and stickers.

The company is listed and registered in Australia, with headquarters in Singapore.

Anyone is welcome to join migme. There are many perks for bloggers, like the many migups we organise across the region, including migups with celebrities. Check out this previous post I wrote to find out more. 🙂


  1. 11 negative posts buy Grace Tan? Negative doesn’t mean insulting or defamatory. XX is acting all victimized again!

  2. Nonsense platform which nobody gives a hoot about. Cause quoting from the website is oh so convincing

  3. There is 2 indian male climb up to save the baby. The other one climb later from another angle, (the right side of the video, not capture in viddo). This 2nd guy pull up the baby from inside the kitchen service yard and hold on to the baby. Later this 2nd guy pass the baby to the ‘hero’. And all 3 stand on the ledge till SCDF came with ladder to bring them down safely.
    The crowd is worried if the baby strangled by her own weight.The crowd was relief the moment the 2 indian worker climb and reach to the baby.
    I guess the indian worker is quite cautious that they are in somebody home thus decide to wait at the ledge. All 3 of them.
    If u watch the vid, i am that background voice giving moral support.
    In the vid there is this Another guy tried to climb from the same ‘hero’ route but not sure of the technic. Very fortunate the workers are fit and able to climb.
    They are hero yet humble , thinking if it was okay to step into other people flat. Worth the risk.
    Well done “baiya!”

  4. migme is low class social network based in east Asia and middle eastern, just few south African and east euro. the population full of low class and uneducated people who come to mig just to abuse and slang each other country and religion. official, celebrity and verified id on migme are own by normal migme user with migme staff trust. mig blog is just for copy paste, they steal pics from facebook / google and post on it.

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