Man violated 5-day MC and posted it on Instagram - Alvinology

Man violated 5-day MC and posted it on Instagram

Another day, another quarantine violator posting their actions on social media. If only all violators were so proud.

According to a post from All Singapore Stuff, a foreign man who appeared to be in Singapore for examinations related to becoming a certified public accountant violated a five-day Medical Certificate (MC).

The Straits Times reported that by law, physicians are required to issue a five-day MC to any person who exhibits respiratory symptoms such as cough, colds, sore throat, and even a fever. These patients are required to go straight home and remain there for five days.

Man violated 5-day MC and posted it on Instagram - Alvinology

After checkup, he went out to meet friends in Punggol

Instagram stories belonging to a now-defunct account show that he was given a five-day MC by Health First Family Clinic. The certificate was issued on May 8, Friday. The man also said that he only wanted the certificate to reflect a single day to stay at home, but was dismayed that he was required to stay at home for five days.

His next photo showed that he was queueing in Punggol. He also noted that the reason Singapore has so many cases is because of the people falling in line. He also tagged two people in his stories, which netizens alleged he had met that time.

Man violated 5-day MC and posted it on Instagram - Alvinology

Another post showed that he was allegedly going to take the last exam to become a certified public accountant or CPA.

Netizens alerted health clinic

As the photos went viral, Singaporeans in popular HardwareZone online forum took it upon themselves to notify pertinent authorities of what the man had done.

One of the users allegedly contacted the clinic where he had taken the checkup. Take a look at the chat exchange in FAcebook:

Man violated 5-day MC and posted it on Instagram - Alvinology

According to the image above, the health clinic had reportedly notified the pertinent authorities of this matter.

Police report filed

Other users on the online message board went out of their way to file a police report based on the photos of the man’s Instagram stories. They posted the police report they filed online.

Man violated 5-day MC and posted it on Instagram - Alvinology

Netizens were also able to trace his Instagram account, but he had deactivated the page, along with his Facebook profile. This also lead them to find out that he worked for an accounting firm in Singapore.

Singaporean man convicted of violating SHN

Alvinology previously reported that a man who came from Myanmar who was issued a 14-day Stay-Home Notice did not follow the law and went around Singapore with his girlfriend for a whole day was convicted.

According to our previous report, he signed a document saying that he understood the provisions of the notice and that he was supposed to go straight home. Instead, he and he girlfriend went to dine at one of the food courts at the airport.

They then went home and went out again to have money exchanged at a hotel. After this, they went on a trip to a grocery store.

He was called out online for his violations, where he bragged to his friends that he went out for bak kut teh.

He was hoping to get his sentence reduced to a fine and avoid jail time.

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