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So you’re in between jobs, in between semesters, just graduated from school, or just need a part-time job. Where can you find part-time jobs in Singapore, and fast?

Find a part-time job in Singapore at
Find a part-time job in Singapore at is Singapore’s newest part time job portal specialising in part-time jobs, temporary jobs, student jobs and internship opportunities in Singapore.

The site offers a user-friendly interface to match employers and jobseekers quickly and efficiently. You can view postings without logging in, and sign up for free when you want to apply for a position. Some of the postings even indicate how many people have viewed them and how many have applied for them.

Info like industry, salary, experience required, and qualifications can all be seen at a glance. Honestly, I see so many well-paying jobs that most people can do! The site is easy to navigate, clean and uncluttered. There are also useful news articles for jobseekers on the site.

News articles for jobseekers
News articles for jobseekers

In addition, will also post the latest temp/part-time job opportunities on its Facebook page as well. Check out the website now!

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