Heart of Darkness collaborates with Simply Good Pies to launch two handmade beer-infused pies on International Pi Day –14 March 2020.

International Pi Day honours the most widely known mathematical constant and irrational number (approximately 3.14). So, let’s come together, indulge in a pint and a pie, and revel in the beauty that is the endless number.

The pies will feature twists on classic flavours; a new take on the classic Steak and Ale pie – Steak Magpie, and a fresh spin on the traditional English Cheese and Onion Pie – Riveting Cheese and Onion Pie.

Simply Good Pies, a boutique bakery in Singapore dedicated to making handcrafted pies using only the finest natural ingredients. Each pie is beautifully infused with Heart of Darkness’ craft beers, creating a unique fusion of flavours to bring you and your tastebuds on a tantalizing journey of intense flavours.

Steak Magpie

This new take on the classic Steak and Ale pie uses air-flown beef and marries it with the Excited Magpie Dry Irish Stout. Encased in an all-butter pastry, the coffee notes with a slight bitterness fuse with the natural sweetness of the onion and beef makes this a luscious rich filling with a mouth-watering aroma.

Riveting Cheese and Onion Pie

Simply Good Pies pushes the classic English Cheese and Onion Pie a notch higher with the inclusion of the Loose Rivet New England IPA. The bitter flavours of the IPA, from its heady mix of seven hops, balance out with the rich mix of cheddar and parmesan bringing the sharp flavours of the cheeses to the fore.

Come celebrate International Pi Day with your friends over a pint and a pie at Heart of Darkness! Visit here for more info.