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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Engaging a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

A good and experienced family court lawyer can make a huge difference to the outcome of your divorce case. Any otherwise would leave you feeling even more frustrated, if you have been experiencing a strained or uncomfortable relationship with your family lawyer. Here are 5 common mistakes Singaporeans should avoid when choosing a good divorce lawyer in Singapore. Mistake #1: Doing Insufficient Background Check on Your Divorce Lawyer Do not rush into engaging just any divorce lawyer in Singapore. Before contacting a family attorney, do a detailed internet profile search on the family law firm and the matrimonial lawyer...

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Who would you volunteer with?

If you receive these two advertisement hangers outside your door? Which organisation would you volunteer with? Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong answer. Whichever organisation you choose to volunteer with, as long as you are doing something to improve the lives of fellow Singaporeans and Singapore residents, we salute you all the same. Majulah Singapura! 🙂 A: Source: EDMW Forum B: Source: Workers’ Party Twitter...

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Bunny Dance Couple, Probably The Wackiest Lecturer at Republic Polytechnic

Students at the School of Hospitality at Republic Polytechnic was treated to an awesome fun Kpop time when their lecturer entered the class dressed in bunny suit. Accompanied by her husband, Lecturer Teeny Teh entertained her students at RP to some pretty cool Kpop dance moves to the tunes I AM The Best from 2NE1. This was not the first wacky dance she did at RP, last year, she dressed up in a chicken suit. All these were just some of her ways to teach and share about the marketing strategies that may work for events marketing. Teeny Teh...

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Remembering a childhood icon – Lao Fu Zi creator Alfonso Wong passes away

You’d have thought that we’d have a break from the recent spate of celebrity deaths with the turn of the year, but it seems that that 2016 has claimed one last victim – Alfonso Wong Kar Hei, creator of the iconic Lao Fu Zi (老夫子, also known as Old Master Q) comic series passed away on 1 January 2017 from organ failure caused by old age. Also known by his pen name Wong Chak (named after his son), Wong’s comics depicted the eponymous Lao Fu Zi character, an old chinese man dressed in traditional garb who often found himself...

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Who Wins The Ultimate Uber, Grab and Taxi Comparison?

The stakes are high for ride-hailing market in Southeast Asia. Two big competitors, Grab and Uber, are competing to gain the market share, which is expected to become a $13 billion industry by 2025. Since its inception 4 years ago, Grab has created a strong foothold in Southeast Asia with funding support of $750 million by Softbank in September 2016 and has great plans to advance further in the region. On the other hand, Uber’s recent move of selling off Didi in August 2016 is a clear indication that they are focusing their expansion efforts in SEA as well....

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