One can’t be too careful nowadays, especially with all the kinds of disease you can get from basically anywhere! It’s always important to keep your self protected from germs and other foreign elements, most importantly your hands. That’s why hand sanitisers are a must anytime you step outdoor or even indoor.

If you’re looking for the perfect hand sanitiser to protect you from harm’s way, then HYSSES has just the thing for you. Not just your typical hand sanitizers, these come with class, making them eye-catchy must-haves. HYSSES’ cute and chick sanitisers and essential oils will keep you protected and will give your immunity a boost all day long!

Chic hand sanitisers

Comprising Ethyl Alcohol and the terpene alcohol Linalool, HYSSES’ hand sanitisers contain antibacterial properties that are essential in preventing the transmission of certain viruses. And their creative packaging complements one’s wallet, satchel or even handbag.

According to the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, sanitisers with 60% – 95% alcohol cleans much better than those with less or no alcohol in them.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

With features such as the effective killing of germs and other microorganisms, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are in great demand from all sectors with need as a primary objective. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have a great market share. The hand sanitizer market is highly driven by factors such as rising awareness among consumers pertaining to hand hygiene and increase in innovations.

Pocket-friendly chic hand sanitisers on the go

Containing flavonoids and tannins, HYSSES’ eucalyptus hand sanitiser is essential in helping to relieve muscle aches and joint pains, as well as soothe symptoms of colds and nasal congestion. Retailing at all HYSESS outlets and e-store as well as partnering online stores for SGD 10.90 all-year-round, this little, cute bottle packs a punch of essential germ-killing goodness that can protect you from the virulent common cold and other germs.

A fast-selling item, select two popular scents – Rosemary and Lemongrass – from a range of four cute animal designs, including Penguin, Lion, Elephant and Bear.   

As the saying goes: health is wealth. What better way to keep yourself in the pink of health by investing in essential oils and hand sanitisers? Check out what HYSSES has in store for you and put the, into your shopping cart and e-cart today!