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Who is Kansita Rotthong? Is she the 10 million baht bride?

Who is Kansita Rotthong? Is she the 10 million baht bride?

What if your father wanted you to marry you off so badly he was very bald-faced with his terms?

This is what is happening to Kansita Rotthong’s life, now that her father, Anont Rotthong, has announced that he is looking for a husband for his 26-year-old youngest daughter. In a Facebook post, he said that he is looking for anyone who knows how to source durian and run this particular business can have his blessing to marry his daughter.

Here is how to get in touch with Kansita Rotthong’s father, Anont, and how to join the contest for her hand in marriage.

“Anyone who knows how to buy and select durian and source the fruit from orchards can take my daughter’s hand. I won’t ask for a single baht in dowry from him but will instead give him 10 million baht in cash, 10 vehicles, a house, two durian markets and the daughter who graduated with honours from Assumption University and had a master’s degree from Sun Yat-sen University in China,” he said in a Facebook post on March 2.

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He said that he does not care about a dowry and that his future son-in-law will be rewarded with things such as ten vehicles, two durian stalls or markets, and a whopping 10 million baht in cold cash.

Kansita comes with the package, armed with her impeccable degree from Assumption University and a master’s from China as well.

Ten million baht is roughly equivalent to $425,300.

He also said that he wanted to pass on the durian business to the next generation, and to focus on a different business, which deals in amulets. Apparently, he thinks that his youngest, unmarried daughter may become too old to marry if he waits, so he resorted to this method to find a husband for her.

How do we sign up?

According to the report, Mr. Rotthong said that he could learn more about his potential sons-in-law as they work together, so could that mean he is waiting for job applications at his durian trading company?

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He said that he was not looking for anyone educated or rich, as he himself came from nothing and he wanted to give a chance to diligent and hard-working men. He has two durian markets, and you can probably find him there. The two markets are in Chumphon, including the one at Uay Chai market in Tambon Wang Takor of Lang Suan district.

What does Kansita say about her dad’s Facebook post?

The reports said that Kansita is agreeable to her dad’s post and does not oppose what he is doing. She and her sibling respect his decision.

Kansita also says that a decent man who works hard for his family is good enough for her, and that she initially thought her dad was only joking with his proposition.

Similar case with Kansita

A similar case appeared in Hong Kong, where an eccentric and flamboyant billionaire had offered riches to the man who could make his lesbian daughter fall in love with her.

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Cecil Chao, a wealthy real estate developer, announced to the world in 2012 that he offered 500 million Hong Kong dollars (roughly $65 million) to any man who could get his daughter to marry him. His daughter is in a committed relationship with another woman.

The offer has since been rescinded, but he has not accepted his daughter’s same-sex partner.



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