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Top 5 Places to Get CNY Goodies this CNY

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching and as you all know this is the time we all start to prepare for the festivities. There are two basic kinds of people when it comes to preparing for the new year festivities in Singapore.

The first kind is those who do their shopping early (a month earlier or so) and sit warm and comfortable in their homes, patiently expecting the Lunar New Year. The second are those who leave it too late and end up going to shop during the rush hour. While we strongly recommend that you be part of the first class of people, we recognise that situations may not always be in your favour and you may not be able to do your shopping till it is quite late.

However, whether you choose to do your shopping early or late, one thing you always want is quality, value for your money. We have gone ahead of you to find the best stores to check out when looking for a place to get treats for you, your family, friends or even colleagues. Here are the top 5 places to get goodies this Chinese New Year:

1. Poon Confectionary – CNY Goodies in Singapore

Top 5 Places to Get CNY Goodies this CNY - Alvinology

Poon Confectionary is the new place everyone is talking about. With over 30 different assortments of goodies on display from love letters to pineapple tarts to Bak Kwa, you can instantly understand why they are at the top of this list.

Top 5 Places to Get CNY Goodies this CNY - Alvinology

Although they just opened in Singapore, they have been active baking for almost 50 years. The family behind it comes from a long line of bakers and their recipes have been handed down from generation to generation.

All products from Poon confectionary are handmade which means that they employ a lot of bakers  to get a large number of products made. The handmade effect can also be felt in the taste of their products which taste distinctively homemade.

Poon Confectionary also believe that you do not have to be rich to enjoy the finer things of life so, their products are usually very affordable. For instance, a pack of pineapple tarts costs just $15.72 and contains 21 pieces.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality products and, on a budget, or just looking to save a bit, Poon confectionary.  They offer free tasting of their products at their outlet and can deliver products ordered online to your doorstep for a minimal amount.

Location: 502 Macpherson Road 368204


2. Bengawan Solo

Top 5 Places to Get CNY Goodies this CNY - Alvinology

By next year, Bengawan Solo will be 40 years. That will have been 40 years of continuous dedication to originality and quality. Bengawan Solo places emphasis on delivering premium quality and mouth-watering products to their customers.

They are a large local franchise bakery and their signature range of products include Kueh Lapis, pineapple tarts, Lapis Sagu and the Pandan cheese roll.  You should consider getting all of them to spice up the CNY celebrations in your home.

They are absolutely one of the best places to get CNY goodies for your celebration, although you have to order at least two days before the day you want it delivered.

They have many outlets in Singapore.

Location: 391A Orchard Road, Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City), B207-2-2 (Main Outlet)


General Enquiries
Phone : +65 6756 9088
Fax : +65 6756 9089

Corporate Sales Enquiries
Phone : +65 6756 9113
Fax : +65 6756 9090

Email : [email protected]

3. Joyus Pastry

Top 5 Places to Get CNY Goodies this CNY - Alvinology

At Joyus pastries, it is believed that every tart, every biscuit is made from traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation. This much is evident in their service with can only be defined as good-natured. Selling is not just about having the goods, it’s also about good customer service and they excel in that regard.

All products are handmade through every process, from the kneading, rolling, cutting, moulding and even to the packing of the products. This gives each product that extra homely feel.

They also have a wide range of products for your eating fantasy ranging from pineapple tarts to prawn rolls and even Kueh Lapis. Their trademark product is the pineapple tart which is available for just $21 a tub.

You don’t have to go all the way to the store to get your goodies too, you can have them delivered to you at a token fee depending on how many products you are buying.

Location: Tanjong Pagar MRT Station BI-03, 114 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-355

T: 6455 6757
M: 9618 1238
E: [email protected]

Mon-Fri: 11am – 4pm
Sat, Sun & PH: Closed

4. Thye Moh Chan

Top 5 Places to Get CNY Goodies this CNY - Alvinology

One of the oldest pastry stores around at 70 years, Thye Moh Chan has a lot of heritage under its belt. Over the years, they have perfected the art of making several types of pastries. Thye Moh Chan has given itself to touching its customer’s hearts with its expertly handcrafted products made using traditional baking techniques.

As with all the stores on this list, there is a compelling array of pastries available for you at their stores. Their pineapple tarts come in various flavours aside from the original like walnut and longan. They also sell Tau Sar Piah in various flavours. Hampers from Thye Moh Chan are also a wonderful gift idea from friends and family.

To purchase any of their pastries though, you have to go to their outlet at Chinatown Point. They do not have a home delivery service. Their products are a bit pricey too but then, they are worth it.

Location: 133 New Bridge Road 059413, 290 Orchard Road
B1-11/1 , 310 Orchard Road

5. Bakerzin

Top 5 Places to Get CNY Goodies this CNY - Alvinology

Founded in 1998, Bakerzin has grown to become one of Singapore’s best-loved places for getting Chinese New Year goodies. They offer a wide range of products from quick bites, healthy salads, hearty pass, homemade soups, freshly made sandwiches and ends with Asian fare.

The baking technique at Bakerzin is a mixture of French baking with traditional baking techniques, giving their products a uniquely western feel. Their array of dessert snack collection is enough to keep you standing and wondering what exactly it is you would prefer to get, so our advice for you is to look up their site before ordering. Although their products are pricey, you can be assured of the quality you will get for your money.

You can place your orders on their website or at any of their 9 outlets

Location: 101 Thompson Road, United Square Shopping Mall

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