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Is Jade Rasif pregnant? Here’s what we know

On “The Cauliflower Episode” of Real Talk, a local Youtube show series revolving around taboo topics such as sex and pornography, Jade Rasif revealed on the show that she is 7 and a half months pregnant.

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Jade also mentioned that the rest of the Real Talk crew: John, Dew and Saffron were the first to receive the news from her.

Cauliflower episode on Real Talk series

Jade claims that she conceived her baby in a Bentley parked in the Beauty World’s carpark. This was after having recently graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Psychology degree. 

As sudden as it is, Jade’s announced pregnancy was nowhere as shocking as her belly. Though 7 and a half months in, Jade’s belly was just a tiny bump. A fellow netizen compared Jade’s belly to one having only a food baby.

All amusement, confusion, shock aside, we are happy that Jade’s sister, Tyen Rasif, got pre and post-natal certified. Sweet sister Tyen helped Rasif with her diet and workout plans since Tyen is now certified to train pregnant women.

Is Jade Rasif pregnant? Here’s what we know - Alvinology

Jade Rasif (left) & Tyen Rasif (right)

There’s a mixture of responses from netizens who heard about Jade’s pregnancy, some are happy for Jade whilst some are still skeptical on whether Jade truly knows who the father is, because Jade mentioned that the father of her child proposed.

Is Jade 100% sure? Are these speculations valid? We don’t really know for now. What we do know is this: Jade claimed the father of her child proposed, but she rejected the proposal. However, she happily showed off her beautiful ring on her Instagram story saying that she gets to keep it.  

All the best, Jade!  

If you are not familiar with how Jade Rasif came to the public eye, check out our previous article on her rise to fame.

BTW, her sister, Tyen Rasif is now as much of a public figure as Jade Rasif is now, being one of the finalists for Miss Universe Singapore.


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