Tyen Rasif, Jade Rasif's sister, is a Miss Universe Singapore hopeful - Alvinology

Tyen Rasif, Jade Rasif’s sister, is a Miss Universe Singapore hopeful

Those of you who follow the Miss Universe Singapore pageant may be aware that Tyen Rasif is one of this year’s contestants. This is interesting news partly as many may have heard of her sister Jade Rasif, who is a local DJ and actress. Furthermore, Tyen’s participation shows that the pageant is slowly expanding to include not just the conventional “beauty queen” image but also other body types, such as Tyen’s muscular and athletic physique!

Let’s get to know Tyen better!

Tyen Rasif, Jade Rasif's sister, is a Miss Universe Singapore hopeful - Alvinology

About Tyen

Tyen Rasif is a full-time student at the moment. She is a third-year business management, marketing and communications undergraduate from the Singapore Management University. Apart from studying, Tyen is a freelance fitness trainer and bodybuilder as well.

She has experience in both modelling and in the fitness scene.

Earlier this month, she placed third and fourth in the women’s bikini fitness national and international categories respectively at the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Singapore Nationals. Amazingly, she can deadlift 120kg and do an 80kg squat, and she works out at least 4-5 days a week.

These fitness sessions and her healthy lifestyle are all documented on her social media platforms such as Instagram and her Youtube channel. Many of Tyen’s followers also benefit from her coaching videos on weightlifting. She was featured as Singapore’s “#Fitspo of the week” by The Straits Times back in 2016 as well.

Previously, Tyen had also participated in The New Paper New Face 2013 where she came in second.

When Tyen was young, she grew up as an underweight child and was diagnosed with clinical depression at 17, a time when she had a poor appetite and weighed only 40kg. According to her interview with TODAYonline, weightlighting helped her manage her depression and anxiety when she was a teenager. This was brought about when her father, rogue lawyer David Rasif (who is still at large ) left the family and ran off with $11.3 million of his clients’ money in 2006. Clearly, her fitness journey has brought her far to become the healthy and inspirational woman she is today!

Apart from fitness and modelling, Tyen is also a performer and singer! She had undertook theatre studies at the School Of The Arts for six years and sang in a local music duo called Tyen&Vishaalb.

Tyen Rasif, Jade Rasif's sister, is a Miss Universe Singapore hopeful - Alvinology

About the Miss Universe Singapore Pageant

Miss Universe Singapore (previously called Miss Singapore) is a national beauty pageant in Singapore and it is organised by Miss Universe Singapore Organisation to select the country’s representative to the Miss Universe pageant. Until June 10, women aged 18 to 28 can sign up online. There are $30,000 worth of prizes to be won, including $10,000 cash.

Read about Tyen’s sister, model DJ Jade Rasif, who is the highest-paid female DJ in Singapore!

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