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David Gan is calling who a “public toilet” now?

Thanks to our sharp-eyed friends at the Hardwarezone.com EDMW forum, someone spotted an Instagram story posted by celebrity hairstylist David Gan (@gandavid_davidgan) just yesterday.

Featuring a wall of purple text superimposed on a black-and-white picture of Pan Ling Ling, it said: “I’ve known you since the 90s and she (sic) has always been very traditional and altho (sic) some might find her old fashion (sic), I on the other hand know her well enough and always find her naivete and (sic) very endearing. I’m pretty certain if she was a wild child during her younger days she would have taken on numerous big overseas guys but instead she stayed pure and believed in chastity before marriage which in my honest opinion is not really a possible reality in this day and age la! God bless her <3

“Every mother would be protective over their kids and warn them to take care when going into a public toilet. If it’s impossible to avoid a public toilet then just clean properly before and after entering k? That should sufficiently protect them from anything bad right? Anyway I donno (sic) about public toilet and it’s not my prerogative. Poor mommy <3

“You should definitely continue to believe in yourself and if you think it is wrong then stand by it no matter what k? I’ll be here for you dear Friend! Jia you!”

David Gan's Instagram story. Credit: Mothership.sg
David Gan’s Instagram story. Credit: Mothership.sg

This post comes just one week after news about Hong Huifang and Pan Ling Ling’s spat was made public. Hong had sent a missive-laden text message about how Pan had offended her family’s sentiments by making unsolicited comments about her children’s love lives. More specifically, the whole world now knows that Pan had suggested Hong’s son, Calvert, go for STD inoculation. And because Mediacorp actress Julie Tan was purported to be Calvert’s romantic partner, Tan got offended as well and took to Instagram to berate the “qianbei” whom she had “lost all respect” for.

Then Tan’s mummy got all upset and threatened to sue Pan for slander, so Pan apologised even though it was hard to establish a defamation suit against her because it was Hong who had sent the initial text message to more than 50 people.

After that, silence, until David Gan came out in support of Pan Ling Ling. What will happen next, we wonder?

Featured image credit: TODAYonline

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