“Content Creation” group SG Instababes, whose previous online subscription-cum-donation business model included private yacht parties and unlimited photos in weekly photo shoots has gone incognito on Instagram after online outrage at the girls’ ages and surfaced screenshots of alleged pedophilia involving the founder, Lai Wee Kiat.

Read about how Singapore blog queen Xiaxue and Dee Kosh may have found screenshots of Lai Wee Kiat cajoling underage girls to do bikini photo shoots for him.

Who are the SG Instababes?

According to their previous Patreon page, the influencer group mainly creates content in the form of photos, videos, and other online media featuring girls within their roster. Previously, the models and beautiful girls in the group had free content for fans on their social media, but since those have been taken down, the group is incognito online.

Most of the photos are bikini shots, with upcoming projects like photo compilations, videos, and other media for their subscribers.

But what made the whole endeavour more questionable  was how the higher reward tiers for subscribers would include such rewards as one-on-one time with the SG Instababe of your choice, and even private yacht parties.

According to the defunct page, photo shoots can involve girls as young as 16 years old, while private meetings and parties are for girls 18 years old and above only.

How bad was the Patreon page?

We aren’t going to lie, there’s a specific kind of man who will enjoy SG Instababes’ “content.” For a fee per month, you could engage the “babes” in various services.

For $3 you get a thank you, $7.75 gets you complete access to all the photos done at their shoots, which they say include some that aren’t on their website or Facebook page. $22.50 gives you access to videos. $75 gives you access to one photo shoot per month as a spectator or a photographer. If you pay $225 you get access to all the photo shoots as a spectator or photographer. For a whopping $750 you get a “private hangout” and get to include five friends on this occasion with the girls.

Finally, if you have $3750 to burn, you are invited to a private yacht party with the girls once a month, and you get to bring your friends. This reward tier is limited to only one patron.

What’s the backlash?

Netizens were quick to point out that some of the girls on the Patreon page and the website looked underage, while others mentioned that they aren’t the most attractive girls out there.

Singaporean YouTuber Dee Kosh created a video on them. You can watch it below.

He and Xiaxue have hurled allegations at the owner, former bodybuilding champ Lai Wee Kiat, for being pedophile. Screenshots of girls in conversation with him allegedly reveal him trying to get 15-year-olds to pose for bikini photos and asking personal questions.

Since Dee Kosh and Xiaxue published the screenshots, he has taken down the Patreon and Instagram account of SG Instababes, but the original 2015 Facebook page is still up and running. You can find it here, with photos of the girls.

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Photos from SG Instababes Facebook page