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Why You Should Be Excited To Fly Singapore Airlines All Over Again

For us Singaporeans, there’s a certain prestige and local pride that comes with flying with Singapore Airlines. After all, the brand has carved a niche for itself, based on the top of the line service standards, plush comfort, comprehensive in-flight entertainment and of course, the Singapore Girl.

But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Some travellers get a kick out of Singapore Airlines because of the stylish amenity kits they get to take home like a prized collector’s item. Anyone who isn’t at least a wee bit thrilled at the prospect of a Singapore Airlines flight has got to be a good actor.

Although this formula has been a steadfast success, Singapore Airlines is sure not resting on their laurels – not by a long shot. Last week, at Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore Airlines officially unveiled a suite of brand new cabin products in their A380 aircrafts.

In a four-year development program worth US$850 million, customers can now expect a new and improved flight experiences with thoughtful upgrades across the economy, premium economy and business classes, as well as the suites. Currently available on five new A380 Airbuses, features such as leather upholstered seats (with foot rests!), seamless connectivity and larger stowage spaces will be retrofitted across all 14 existing aircrafts by 2020.

But arguably, the main draw of the new Singapore Airlines A380 cabin product launch is the suites on the upper deck – replete with incomparable luxuries such as plush mattress bedding, 32-inch full HDTV, curated food and wine pairing, Lalique bathroom essentials and more.

If you have been genuinely indifferent towards Singapore Airline flights because you are just that hard to please, let’s take a closer look at the new cabin offerings would make you want to chalk up those air miles fast.

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