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Who is Celesta Ee Qiying? This is the teacher who asked student to buy meth for her

Who is Celesta Ee Qiying? This is the teacher who asked student to buy meth for her

There are teachers and students who become friends outside the classroom, and there are those who become involved in drugs together. Celesta Ee Qiying is the teacher who asked her student convicted drug user and trafficker Khairul Naim Mohamad Nasir to source methamphetamines for her.

In a recent report by The Straits Times, this teacher from Meridian Secondary School has been removed from her post following her admission and the information given by Nasir in court, where he had bought Ice from a different contact for Celesta.

According to the report, Celesta confided in Nasir that she was getting charged too high by her supplier when buying methamphetamines. What Nasir did was take her money and buy the drugs for her. He denies that he sold her drugs, only that he acted as a go-between.

She had allegedly given $200 to the student to buy the drugs for her.

This incident happened in 2016. When Nasir was brought to court and had revealed the nature of his transactions and the persons he transacted with, the teacher was removed. This removal happened in September 2017.

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Nasir, who is now 20 years old, has been charged with drug related offences and was sentenced to probation of two years and three months after pleading guilty in January to one count each of methamphetamine trafficking and cannabis consumption.

His probation requires that he would have to stay in a hostel for nine months. He must also undergo drug intervention programmes and perform 210 hours of community service.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Education, “Once MOE was informed of the investigation, we suspended Ms Celesta Ee from duty in September 2017 so that she had no contact with the school. She has since been dismissed from service.”

The court document doesn’t reveal any details of Celesta’s case.

Who is Celesta Ee Qiying?

According to her now-defunct social media accounts and digital footprint, Celesta is 28 years old and was until recently a teacher at Meridian Secondary School.

In 2016, a year before she was removed from Meridian Secondary School, she was a Co-form teacher at Coral Secondary School.

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She was a co-curricular activity staff member at the school when she was removed.

Reports said that “MOE takes a very serious view of misconduct by teachers. Teachers who fail to comply with our standards of conduct and discipline will be subjected to disciplinary action, including dismissal from service – which was precisely the outcome here.”

After being dismissed from service, Celesta’s digital footprint vanishes.

What do netizens have to say about Celesta?

Here are some reactions to what Celesta has done, now that it’s been revealed to the public:

Some say that she is mentally ill and needs help, along with the student.

Some said that her job as a teacher may be too stressful.

Others got mad that this sort of thing happened.

While others showed compassion.

Some remembered a television show that was similar to this incident. Have you watched this show?

While others think she deserves an award.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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