By Invite Only is the homegrown Singaporean jewellery brand by Trixie Khong - Alvinology

By Invite Only is the homegrown Singaporean jewellery brand by Trixie Khong

Alvinology’s brand spotlight this week shines on Trixie Khong’s homegrown jewellery brand, By Invite Only.

This jewellery brand has been around for nine years, and has evolved from a labor love (and a sudden career change) care of the founder, Trixie, who has been working with metals and pliers since she was a teenager.

What does the brand sell?

According to the website, Trixie does not release collections of jewellery and instead reserves these releases for collaborations or special occasions. She releases pieces as she wants, and they cover necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

She uses different kinds of materials for her designs, which include pearls, cubic zirconia, gold, silver, and semi-precious to name a few.

Take a look at some of her designs below:

Aside from the original designs of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other usual accessory offerings, By Invite Only has also a range of Yu Ahn designs.

What is Yu Ahn?

This is what sets By Invite Only apart from your usual jewelers–their Yu Ahn collection.

Basically, these are refillable beads of Citronella that keep away mosquitoes. This is jewellery that has both form and function. Using both authentic jade and jade-coloured pieces for the citronella, you can have your protection from dengue and misfortune at the same time in one piece.

By Invite Only is the homegrown Singaporean jewellery brand by Trixie Khong - Alvinology

Screenshot from By Invite Only website

The Yu Ahn collection has earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can also order extra citronella beads when your current ones run out.

What are the price ranges of their products?

Since they don’t f use precious stones or very expensive materials, the products are very affordable and accessible. What’s more, the design philosophy always enters around responsible use of materials and something that you can wear for special occasions and everyday activities such as school or work.

Even their bridal line, which they say is fancy enough for use in your big day, can translate into a great piece for special dates or important meetings at the office to go with an elegant outfit.

The necklaces usually go for $42 to 468, while her rings cost between $42 to $49. As for the bracelets, they cost roughly as much as the necklaces, with the exception of her birthstone bracelets that go for as low as $39.

The Yu Ahn line is definitely more eye-catching than her usual pieces, thanks to the jade embedded in the designs that really stand out next to the other material. Still, the pricing is the same as her regular pieces.

By Invite Only wants to elevate your gift giving

Aside from catering to the taste of elegant, understated, and local brand-loving Singaporeans, the brand also loves helping in clients’ gifting needs. You can order stationery and cards to go with your gift of jewellery, and be sure that the gift you give is something truly special and unforgettable for the recipient.

Shopping details

But like every good buyer, we take a look at their shipping and payment policies. They ship worldwide and accept all Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards and even PayPal!

How about a smartwatch to go with this gorgeous understated jewellery? Read about the Fitbit Versa here.

You can order their pieces from their official website here.

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