Love wins and conquers all, especially when beloved Korean actress and former Miss Korea finalist Ham So-Won is set to marry her Chinese boyfriend, Jin Hua, who is 24 years old. They have an 18-year age gap.

Wedding postponed due to climate, though

What was supposed to be a wedding in a Northeastern part of China is now postponed to a wedding in April or May because of the weather. There would be wedding ceremonies in both Korea and China.

According to reports, her boyfriend is an internet celebrity in China.

Ham So-Won has appeared in various films, including Sex is Zero and Ameera. She was also a finalist in a Miss Korea pageant years before.

Who is Jin Hua?

Other sources have said that Jin went into idol training in South Korea before. He is allegedly the son of a CEO of a large farming business. He reportedly has thousands of fans on China’s communication and social media platform, Weibo.

They revealed their relationship in October 2017 but also said they had been dating since April of that same year. They had already registered their marriage last February 12 in South Korea.

Here she is in the trailer for Ameera, done in 2014:

Netizens react

While we’re sincerely congratulating the couple on their impending nuptials, here are some reactions from fellow Singaporeans about the two of them:

Singaporeans are very good at digging up old photos and comparing them with current ones. Her age certainly suits her very well in the photo the commenter shared below:

Another one shared a cute photo of them. They also mentioned the age gap, which was sure to draw many raised eyebrows.

Some people were unsure about the length of their relationship.

Others commented on how good they looked together.

Some expressed admiration for Ham So-Won and her relationship.

Others chose to be negative and comment on her plastic surgery. They linked her plastic surgery to a possible divorce in the future.

Some commenters expressed admiration for the plastic surgeons in Korea. There is no report detailing that Ham So-Won received any plastic surgery in any country.

Another commenter chose to say that things may change in the future for this couple. But what do they know?

For this, opinion, yes we completely agree.

Some did not approve of their appearance, though, and still chose to read them for their alleged plastic surgery.

Some did not know who Ham So-Won is and questioned Jin Hua’s choice for a life partner.

Others said that it was clear Ham So-Won was older than her boyfriend, but she looks very good for her age.

Age is just a number

As we’ve seen in previous marriages (some just last year), age is just a number. AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes recently tied the knot with a Korean too!

In a previous report from Alvinology, the CEO of AirAsia married his Korean girlfriend in a lavish wedding with friends and family. Reports said she was allegedly in her 20s.

The Malaysian multi-millionaire’s wedding was leaked when a photo with the bride and the guests surfaced online. the 53-year-old CEO and founder of Tune married a Korean woman named Chloe. Her Korean name has not been released. They had been dating for two years before tying the knot.

There’s also this young man who married a much older woman, just like Jin Hua is going to do with Ham So-Won. He and his new bride look extremely happy.

According to reports, he received a Ferrari, cash, and several properties upon marrying the woman. Who wouldn’t be this happy, when you have a wife, new homes, a car and a lot of spending money? A wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of a person’s life, right?

What do you think of couples whose ages as so far apart, especially on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!