Love knows no boundaries! A 23-year-old Chinese guy marries a bride whose age is only one year younger than his mother.

The marriage was held in Qionghai, Hainan, China, where the video first went viral and became controversial. The 38-year-old bride has been married once and already has a 14-year-old son, but that didn’t stop her from finding her true love. She became pregnant with this 23-year-old guy who, in turn, took full responsibility for his actions by his proposal to get married.

The marriage was opposed by the bridegroom’s parents. However, the bride, who is in real estate business and is very wealthy, sealed the marriage proposal by slamming 660,000 yuan (~SGD$110,000) in cold hard cash, a real estate lot, and a Ferrari sports car with a 5,000,000 yuan (SGD$1,000,000) estimated worth. The bridegroom’s parents finally approve.

In the video, you can see the couple riding a red sports car during their marriage. The bride wore many golden necklaces and bracelets. Only to prove that she is an independent woman with a strong financial standing. They both seemed very happy. The guy even dedicated a romantic song to his lovely bride.

Netizens react that this is true love, while some believe that this is only for the love of money.

In the end, no one can really conclude if this is true love or not. The guy might be in only for the money, but it is also true that “in love, age is just a number.”