Spoil your sweet tooth this festive season!

New limited editions are added to Make My Magnum and Magnum coffee creation. These two delights will be available today until the end of December 2017 and will be sold exclusively at the flagship Magnum Pleasure Store, ION Orchard.

Make My Magnum Dream Come True

This seasonal Magnum Festive Collection includes fruitcake crumbles, salted egg crisps and pomegranate seeds, decorated on top of the classic base of smooth and luscious vanilla ice cream dipped in premium quality chocolate.

Feel the magic of wonderland with ‘Fruity Wonderland.’ Indulge in white chocolate and fruit cake crumbles, topped with maraschino cherries, and a sprinkle of gold nuggets.

Get naughty this Christmas with ‘Naughty and Spice.’ Filled with milk chocolate flavour with salted egg crisps, gold nuggets, cheddar cheese, and chilli flakes.

This Christmas. make your ‘Pomegranate Dreams’ come true. Covered with mouth-melting white chocolate with pink pomelo, pomegranate, gold nuggets, and chia seeds.

All three limited edition flavours are available for S$10 only. They cannot be mixed with standard toppings.

Limited Edition Magnum Coffee

Replace your classic hot chocolate with a blend of flavourful coffee. Expertly crafted by Magnum’s Pleasure Makers, Magnum coffee is made of premium chocolate-infused coffee beans.

How about a smooth latte with freshly brewed espresso? ‘Magnum Hazelnut Latte’ is just the kind. Added with hazelnut paste topped with cocoa powder will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. You can choose to keep it hot for S$6 and iced for S$7.

For S$8 (hot) and S$9 (iced), you can enjoy the all-new ‘Magnum Peppermint Mocha’ will give you a minty sensation this season. A perfect blend of Belgian chocolate, espresso, and mint-infused syrup with a touch of mint leaves.

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