Ice cream lovers rejoice! Magnum just opened its first permanent Magnum Pleasure Store in Singapore at ION Orchard and you can customise your own Magnum ice cream.

Choose from a wide array of toppings, three different coating and have it decorated your way for a personalised experience at the Magnum Pleasure Store.

The store has a counter where you can make your own Magnum, and its first coffee counter. For the launch, Magnum invited professional chocolatier, Chef Agus Supriyadi to do a demonstration.

You can customise your own Magnum in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose 3 out of the 18 toppings. They have cacao nibs, flower petals, and even chilli flakes which goes best with dark chocolate.

2. Choose between milk, white, or dark chocolate as a base.

3. Choose a chocolate (out of the three bases) for the drizzle.

We had a go customising our own Magnum ice cream and we are loving it. The chocolate used at the store has the signature Magnum shine and crunch, without leaving any crumbs. Just the way we like it.

Other than offering Magnum ice cream, the store has a coffee counter, with beans exclusive to Magnum, chosen after sourcing through many local roasters.

Most of the coffees use a similar amount of beans, so they are all relatively strong. For those who prefer sweeter drinks, try the drinks that contain Magnum chocolate such as the affogato.

The store is located at ION Orchard #B2-07. An ice cream with 3 toppings retails at S$8.00. Magnum coffees retail from S$5 – S$8.00.

Magnum also launched its pint ice cream today, which is the first in Asia. Check out our review.

All photos and video by Carissa Wong.