Unilever is bringing the concept of indulging in their new Magnum pint ice cream to a whole new level, with UX integrated into the whole consumer journey.

The new Magnum pint, launched today in Singapore and first in Asia, present us with a whole new way to indulge, with the Magnum pint as the perfect companion for quality me-time sofa moments at home.

We were sent samples to review a week earlier and here’s the unboxing experience:

Before diving in, squeeze the walls of the pint for a satisfying signature Magnum crack.

The lid on the ice cream also contains individual Google play promo code for customers to download a movie at 50 percent discount.

Some may find the packaging and marketing gimmicky, but it is a pretty fun and cool way to weave in UX into an otherwise run-of-the-mill launch of a new ice cream pint. Kudos to Unilever for really thinking out of the box here.

The Magnum pint comes in three flavours – Classic, Almond and White.

They are available at all major supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol marts and mini-marts at a recommended selling price of S$12.90 per pint.

The Magnum pint was launched today together with the first permanent Magnum Pleasure Store launch at ION Orchard. If you missed the launch, fret not, we got it on video:

All photos and video by Carissa Wong.