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Singtel caves, launches Data Infinity plans for recontracts and new customers ONLY

In the wake of StarHub’s and M1’s launch of unlimited data plans, Singtel had been surprisingly quiet over the past few weeks.

But all of that changed when the latter made their most recent announcement!

As of today, you can now sign up for an unlimited 4G plan for your mobile phone on Singtel’s website by just adding $39.90 to your existing plan!

Hold your horses

Take note that there are other fees involved as existing users have to re-contract and pay an activation fee for the switch. This option is only available for subscribers under the Combo 3, Combo 6, and Combo 12 plans with a 24 months lock-in period.

You also have to adhere to their Fair Use Policy and other rules.

But still, this comes as good news as the real winners here, are us!

While Singtel may have been later to the party, existing subscribers may stop moving to different carriers and instead stay with their current plan and just add the said amount if they qualify.

But wait, there’s the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

While everyone is waiting to burn their money for the new unlimited data plans, Circle.Life may have a huge contender for “Major Tech Deal of the Year” with their $0 upfront fee for the latest batch of iPhone and even Samsung models!

For as low as $68.87 per month, you can get an iPhone X without cash and no contract, but will get billed every month for two years if your credit card qualifies with Circle.Life.

So which do you think is the deal of the year for you? Or are you going to get both? Let us know in the comments!

Header image from Singtel Facebook page.

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