Just when you thought you had to wait until November 2018 (or all the way to 2019) for the next Game of Thrones, Singapore telcos have just begun to play their own game–where no one dies and we all win.

After StarHub posted its weekend-long unlimited data plans for subscribers, M1 just upped the ante and brought back unlimited data plans!

Subscribers can now get unlimited 4G data on their phones all day, everyday for $98, thanks to M1’s mySIM3 plans. Along with the unlimited 4G data, M1 included unlimited talktime for subscribers who sign up from August 31 until September 3.

You can sign up on their website or or at any M1 Shop or Exclusive Distributor.

photo from M1 website

Are unlimited data plans back?

After Starhub posted weekend-long unlimited plans, M1 certainly changed the game with the return of its own capless 4G plans. Thanks to industry trends, this type of plan had been phased out in 2012, since internet service providers had to deal with congestion and network issues.

As of publishing only Starhub and M1 have these special capless data plans. Singtel has not joined the Game of Telcos so to speak, but we could always say that August isn’t over yet!

The fine print

But is what M1 really offering an unlimited plan? Does it have a catch?

According to their terms and services, M1 still monitors individual subscriber data usage and reserves the right to change the speed of their services at any time. If they think that you’ve abused their services, they’ll throttle your speed to 512 kbps for the rest of the day then lift the throttling after midnight.

Their mySIM3 $98 plan can only give theoretical download speed of 300Mbps and typical download speed range of 40.1 – 102.6Mbps for certain locations.

You’ll also have to lock yourself into a one-year contract to avail of the capless data. M1 does not offer phones with the plan but current subscribers can change their subscription.

Learn more about this promo here.

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