Just today, HTC unveiled its brand new flagship smartphone for 2017 in Taiwan.

Combining stunning liquid surface design, intelligent personal audio, amazing cameras, and multiple AI assistants for a smarter smartphone, HTC U11 is the world’s first smartphone with a revolutionary new squeeze interaction.

Made for “U” with design, materials, and experiences that reflect your inner drive, passion, creativity, and individuality, HTC U11 offers the most advanced features ever in a smartphone. These include HTC Edge Sense, the next dimension in touch interaction with your phone; HTC USonic with Active Noise Cancellation and more.

Video courtesy of HTC Singapore.

U Touch

HTC Edge Sense transforms the fundamental sense of touch into a revolutionary interaction with your phone. With a simple squeeze, it lets you easily engage with your phone in an unprecedented yet intuitive way. Now even simple acts of launching your favourite app or taking photos are enjoyable.

You can also send texts faster and easier than before, using HTC Edge Sense for Voice to Text. Lightly squeeze, speak your message and send your texts on the go. Now, it’s even possible to customise the squeeze gesture: open email with just a squeeze.

Photo courtesy of HTC Singapore.

Want even more touch control?

HTC Edge Sense gives you the ability to activate advanced touch and use a “short squeeze” as well as a “squeeze and hold” for even more functionality at your fingertips. Edge Sense can be used in nearly any condition – even while wearing gloves or in extreme weather, such as snow that would normally be a challenge with capacitive buttons.

Reflects U

HTC U11’s liquid glass surface is crafted to impress using Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition. By layering highly-refractive precious minerals across the phone’s back cover, U11 boasts of vivid new colours that transforms light with every movement you make.

The 5.5” Quad HD 3D glass screen is also designed for vivid, crisp images and text in any light – even direct sunlight. No longer do you have to worry about cropped pictures or distorted colours even with a curved screen.

Photo courtesy of HTC Singapore.

Tuned To U 

Now combining Active Noise Cancellation with the ability to tune audio to your unique hearing, HTC USonic elevates the listening quality of HTC U11. Stay razor-focused on your music, videos or games at all times as the feature continuously monitors environmental sound levels, and quickly adjusts to any new noises or disturbances.

By leveraging built-in microphones on the headset and USB-C data connectivity, USonic earbuds map your inner ear with an advanced sonar-like technology, thus adapting the sound profile to your unique biology. It’s as personalised your listening experience can get on any smartphone.

Photo courtesy of HTC Singapore.

Both the HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition speakers and microphones got an upgrade too. The speaker has been enhanced to deliver more loudness and better Dynamic Range Audio. Besides, you can easily target your subject and amplify their specific sounds with the best 3D audio recording quality integrated into the enhanced microphones.

Pictures That Move U 

Serious photographers are bound to welcome this new feature with open wide arms. Incorporating the new UltraSpeed AutoFocus with same full sensor auto-focus technology found in high-end DSLR cameras, you can now enjoy significantly faster focus speeds, with snappy and delightful performance in your U11.

Find yourself inseparable with the new front camera with a high-resolution 16MP detail and UltraPixel light sensitivity for brilliant selfies in both day and night. It even utilises the same powerful HDR Boost and noise reduction as the main camera.

Photo courtesy of HTC Singapore.

Of course, there’s nothing like the Auto HDR Boost, conferring users the sharpness of HDR sans the lag. Further, HTC U11 enhances textures and colours, which brings out the best in every shot. When shooting video, Temporal Noise Reduction automatically uses information from the previous and next frames to remove unwanted noise and deliver the clearest videos.

Smarter Digital Companion For U 

Three brains are better than one, so in HTC U11 you’ll find three intelligent companions devoted to you: HTC Sense Companion, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

HTC Sense Companion is literally someone who knows you inside out – down to your daily patterns over time. One amazing feat it’s capable of is reminding you to recharge while you have time or to bring a power bank. That aside, it notifies you of appropriate dressing for inclement weather conditions, track your fitness progress relative to your goals, or recommend great nearby restaurants at mealtime.

Photo courtesy of HTC Singapore.

Google Assistant is also optimised for search and services for navigations, retrieving answers, managing your tasks and even entertainment.

As the first smartphone to feature hands-free wake word access to Amazon Alexa, U11 is essentially a life hack as you’re on the go. This particular feature makes it extremely convenient for you to control smart home products or even ask about news, weather, music and the 12,000-plus skills in the Alexa skills store. The Alexa voice service is currently available to customers in the United States, U.K., and Germany.

As with other smartphones on the market these days, U11 is water-resistant so you needn’t fret about spillages and dunks.

Photo courtesy of HTC Singapore.

The HTC U11, will be available worldwide from May 2017 onwards in colours like Amazing Silver, Sapphire Blue, Brilliant Black, Ice White, and Solar Red. Please click here for detailed specifications and more information.