Yesterday, we published a post from Singapore blogger, Vet Leow, whereby she shared on how she was badly treated as a guest at a fellow blogger friend, E’s wedding banquet. Read her full story. 

Well, E contacted us today and would like to share her side of the story. Here goes:

I read with interest the article written by V and I was the E in question – the one who just held her wedding. A concerned friend sent me the published article and asked if I would like to stop the lunacy – yes I would.

Frankly speaking if I were V, I wouldn’t humiliate myself time and again in this manner. I as the host have decided to forgive the trouble she caused but since she wishes to announce to the public her joke, allow me to assist her to enhance the true version of what entailed.

So V accepted my invite and turned up at my wedding. Her name was on the guest list alongside a few other blogger friends- and there was a non-eating child with baby chair seated there, making it a total of 10 adults plus 1 child. Note that we have individual servers at each table to portion food so all adults would get equal portion eventually.

When V got there, she claimed that the table was full. I questioned her time and again whether “full” meant the hotel only put 9 adult chairs plus one baby chair OR “full” meant someone else has sat at Table 8 when they were not supposed to – V refused to answer me. She just insisted that the table looked full.

She then went out of the banquet hall and my husband and I saw her on the phone outside the other exit door. We were waiting to march in – but we had montages lined up, so it was at least 8 minutes while we were standing outside and watching V on the phone. She did not approach me at all.

It was only when I was in the dressing room preparing for next march-in then I managed to check my phone and realised V has left. Immediately I called her a few times despite the hectic-ness of the evening but she rejected my calls.

Then she started attacking me with barrages of untrue accusations, saying that i did “poor planning” , “embarrassed her”, “should have apologised and offered to give her a treat” etc.


This was extremely baffling for me because as the bride and also the host who invited her – i wasnt given the chance to find out what happened at the table at all. If someone else has indeed sat at the table and taken up V’s seat,  I would have asked him/her to return to their assigned seat. I sent V the guest list to explain but her attacks continued. She kept using the excuse that because she wasn’t very close to me, she didn’t want to approach me to inform me of this.


I did not know to be baffled or to laugh. I clarified with other blogger guests at her table and the next table – a few of them claimed to have persuaded V to stay but she still chose to leave – and they agreed that a non-eating  child does NOT form part of the total no. of pax at table and that V who has been a  bride herself not too recently, should have known better. Furthermore, they also concur that she should know better than to create trouble for the bride at a moment as such.


Walking away was her choice, just like how she did not bother to inform the host of what happened . Honestly, if someone else has sat in her seat wrongfully, how is it a predictable event and how is it “poor planning” of the host? By not solving it in a more mature and rational manner, and instead expecting royal treatment such as treats,   apologies etc, really does not reflect well on her sadly.

Since she did not have the opportunity to partake of the meal at all, i offered to return her angpow but she rejected. She has also childishly blocked me on fFacebook and unfollowed me on IG – so I guess the only means I can inform her that I wil be donating her angpow to Heart Foundation would be through this platform here which she has chosen to humiliate herself on.

Hope the charity done on her behalf will reap her some peace and blessings and help her reflect better for future. I sincerely appreciate her turning up and feel  sad that she chose to believe she wasn’t part of the table when her name was printed in black and white.

Enclosed are screenshots showing snippets of chat.  Other  bloggers are aware of what happened and agree I have not been treated fairly in this regard. I will be meeting up with them for wine and high tea again soon just as how friends should, and I should have listened when I was advised to choose my guests carefully.


There you have it, both sides of the same story.

So who is right and who is wrong? What would you have done if you were Vet Leow or E?

For me, I feel the fault lies with the couple who put their child into Vet Leow’s allocated seat and did not move when the saga happened. As a parent myself, I would have taken the initiative to put my son on my lap or request for a baby chair if I realise he had taken up someone’s seat. It would be interesting to hear the couple share their side of the story.