NESCAFÉ Smile Ribbon Project 2013 - Alvinology

NESCAFÉ Smile Ribbon Project 2013


For the third consecutive year, NESCAFÉ is proud to be a supporter of Operation Smile Singapore – a children’s medical charity that heals children’s smiles, forever changing their lives.

NESCAFÉ Smile Ribbon Project 2013 - Alvinology

NESCAFÉ has launched the NESCAFÉ Smile Ribbon Project, encouraging Facebook users to submit their ‘I’m in’ pledge by placing a ribbon on their cover photo to help a child smile today. For every ‘I’m in’ pledge submitted, NESCAFÉ will donate $1 to Operation Smile Singapore.

My family and I are supporters of Operation Smile Singapore and I have pledged my support on Facebook:

NESCAFÉ Smile Ribbon Project 2013 - Alvinology

“NESCAFÉ is proud to introduce the NESCAFÉ Smile Ribbon Project and offer our continuous support to Operation Smile Singapore. In light of the NESCAFÉ brand belief that there is something special in our little everyday moments, we urge Singaporeans to give these children the chance to enjoy their moments with smiles on their faces” said Mr Chow Phee Chat, Marketing Director of Nestlé Singapore (Pte) Ltd.

NESCAFÉ targets to urge 10,000 Facebook users to submit their pledge and put up the smile ribbon. The goal for this year’s NESCAFÉ Smile Ribbon Project is to raise $10,000 for Operation Smile Singapore. The campaign is the first of its kind in Singapore that allows Facebook users to learn, support and spread awareness of Operation Smile through the social media application. Users simply have to choose from three different ribbon designs to be placed on their cover photo. To date, NESCAFÉ has raised $25,000 in support of Operation Smile.

“NESCAFÉ has helped Operation Smile Singapore to touch so many hearts and we are grateful for their ongoing support for the third year running. Thanks to NESCAFÉ’s generous donations, we have put around 25 smiles on children’s faces to date and this year’s efforts will help to further increase that number.” said Dr Vincent Yeow, Chairman of Operation Smile Singapore.

Operation Smile provides free surgeries for children with facial conditions which will not only heal their smiles, but also change their lives. Children who are born with cleft lip or cleft palate are faced with challenges that many of us cannot ever imagine. These children have difficulty eating, speaking and even smiling. Operation Smile reverses their life challenges in as little as 45 minutes. That is all the time it takes for a surgery to save a child from a lifetime for worries. $360 is all it costs for a 45 minute basic cleft lip surgery.

NESCAFÉ Smile Ribbon Project 2013 - Alvinology

Help NESCAFÉ in their journey to create more smiles on the faces of children by submitting your pledge at:

I am in, Are you? 🙂

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