George Yeo (杨荣文) Blogging Competition - Alvinology

George Yeo (杨荣文) Blogging Competition


George Yeo (杨荣文) Blogging Competition - Alvinology

Hey-ho! Our Foreign Affairs Minister, George Yeo wants our youths to blog. 🙂 He is fronting a blogging competition, of which the first prize is a iPod Nano. More information is available at the official site.

The blogging contest is open to three categories of youth – primary schools; secondary schools/ ITEs; JCs/ Polytechnics. The submission deadline is 30 September, 2008.

It is jointly supported by two bloggers, Harold Fock and Ephraim Loy, the latter whom is a friend of mine. and the one who informed me about this. Do help pass the words along if you find this blogging contest an interesting oddity like I do.

If I was still schooling, I guarantee plus chop sure would take part one.

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