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How to unsubscribe from Singpost Spam Mails

It spells “I’m not at home, please come up to burglarise my house”. It’s a fire hazard. It’s buries the precious few pieces of legitimate personal correspondence that traverses the postal system these days and urgent bills in a mess of commercial confetti. To some, it spells a waste of time taken to sort out the necessary and junk mail at the end of an already tiring day sorting through mayhem at the office. To Singtel, however, it’s an essential service that has been empirically verified to be one that a vast majority of the island’s populace considers to be highly valued, highly sought after and even highly anticipated, like a visit from Santa on Christmas eve.

Whichever corporate statistician arrived at this conclusion was, likely cheered on by PR and marketing department alike. To whoever else, and it doesn’t take a card carrying statistician, the conclusion might well be that the published findings are a result of a spurious regression and a resulting type I error, albeit in layman terms like “hogwash” and “ poppycock”.

If you did not subscribe to the daily fist full of physical spam but subscribe to this postulation, rejoice as there is a way to reclaim your mailbox and put an end to this violation of your letterbox space. Head on down to Singpost’s website, simply put your name down on it’s advertising mail opt-out service and enjoy your new-found spam free life. The reality is that it isn’t that simple; where is the form? What is the URL? It can neither be found on google or by a fuss free navigation of the Singpost website. It is a multi-step process hidden in a corner of the website, worthy of an expedition by Frodo and his hobbit friends.

Step 1     screenshot-2016-11-23-23-20-31

Log onto and click on “Contact Us” on the top right of the page.

Step 2


Click on the blue button that says “Send Enquiry” at the right side-bar of the page.

Step 3


Select the correct sequence of 3 options as shown in the screenshot below, in the order: Postal, Advertising Mail, OPT-OUT Service.

Step 4


Finalise the process by keying in your details.

Now that you now know how to give the savvy statisticians at Singpost a piece of your data set, let them have some time to mull over your digits.

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