[Movie Review] 3 Peas In A Pod《他她他》 - Alvinology

[Movie Review] 3 Peas In A Pod《他她他》

3 Peas in a Pod 《他她他》is a romantic coming-of-age film directed and produced by Michelle Chong (庄米雪).

[Movie Review] 3 Peas In A Pod《他她他》 - Alvinology

The film stars K-Pop star, Alexander Lee Eusebio (알렉산더 리 유세비오) from U-Kiss; Calvin Chen (辰亦儒) from Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit (飞轮海); and Singaporean newcomer, Jae Liew (柳胜美).

I attended the gala to see Jae, a bubbly young girl I got to know when I was managing bloggers in my previous job at omy.sg. Jae did a few blogging campaigns for omy.sg and I remember her because she was very professional with her assignments. She beat 800 other hopefuls who auditioned for this role – a really remarkable achievable for a total newbie.


“3 Peas In A Pod” is a story about friendship and love. Three university students studying in Australia (Penny from Singapore, Perry from Taiwan and Peter from Korea) are good friends whose lives are intertwined with one another’s. Just before they graduate and go back to their respective countries to embark on their working lives, the three friends decide to go on a road trip in the country they’ve been studying in for the last 4 years. Little do they know, this farewell holiday is a trip that would change their lives forever.

The film is set in scenic Australia and some of the beautiful road-trip scenes makes me feel like flying to Australia again for a vacation.

The three youthful lead (picture from 3 Peas in a Pod facebook)
The three youthful lead (picture from 3 Peas in a Pod facebook)

The youthful cast were quite endearing on screen and the chemistry between the three of them was interesting. The ending caught me by surprise and I quite like it. Overall, I find the film entertaining and strong in its coming-to-age theme. The film should do well with teen audiences. It is a pity it got rated NC16 in Singapore though.

If you love romantic comedy and coming-of-age films, 3 Peas in the Pod is a must-watch. It is now showing in Singapore cinemas. Go catch it!


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