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[Sydney, New South Wales Escapade with HTC EVO 3D] – Singapore Workshop at Marina Mandarin

[Sydney, New South Wales Escapade with HTC EVO 3D] – Singapore Workshop at Marina Mandarin

Two weekends ago on 19 November (Sat), I spoke at a HTC EVO 3D workshop on my Sydney escapade, hosted by Destination New South Wales.

Speaking together with me were my travel companions, famous photographer, Willy Foo and prolific travel blogger, Eunice Khong.

The workshop was hosted at Marina Mandarin Hotel and started with a quick introduction of the HTC brand and the EVO 3D phone by a HTC representative.

HTC representative introducing the EVO 3D

HTC representative introducing the EVO 3D

Eunice and I then shared the microphone, speaking about our travel itineraries and her perspective as a first-time traveler to Sydney and me as a second-time visitor.

Packed audience

Packed audience

Willy was the last to speak. He shared tips on how to capture astonishing images using the HTC EVO 3D with a few simple photography techniques. I learned a lot about photography during this trip with Willy, Eunice too.

Willy sharing camera tricks and techniques on the HTC EVO 3D

Willy sharing camera tricks and techniques on the HTC EVO 3D

Willy addressing the audience

Willy addressing the audience

The workshop ended with a lucky draw where two lucky participants walked home with a HTC EVO 3D each:

Lucky draw winner 1

Lucky draw winner 1

Lucky draw winner 2

Lucky draw winner 2

The wonderful folks at HTC made a 2012 desk calendar using Willy’s photos from our Sydney trip and gave it out in the goodie bags that all the workshop attendees received. Eunice and I are featured on the January cover in silhouette:

HTC EVO 3D-shaped desk calendar

HTC EVO 3D-shaped desk calendar

Here’s a list of ten Sydney, New South Wales travel tips I have, summing up my experience this time round:

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1. Adventure lurks in every corner – Surfing at Bondi; quad-biking and sandboarding at Port Stephens, etc.

2. Hang out with the cool crowd at Bondi.

3. Get wild and wet at Port Stephens.

4. Drink wine, picnic, sit back and relax at Hunter Valley.

5. Soak into the vibrant Sydney city art scene.

6. Tuck into good food, glorious food – lots of acclaimed restaurants in Sydney.

7. Wake up for breakfasts, fit for champions!

8. Produce sold in Sydney are as fresh as air.

9. Experience the melting pot that is Sydney’s mulch-ethnic community.

10. Trave in style – rent a car and maybe even a helicopter.

To find out in detail what each of this pointers are referring to, read all my previous blog posts on my Sydney, New South Wales Escapade with HTC EVO 3D. 🙂

Day 1 – Quad Biking, Sandboarding and 4WD Ride

Day 2 – Horse Riding, Parasailing and Dolphin Watching

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Day 2 – Crave Sydney International Food Festival, Fraser Suites, Sydney by Night

Day 3 – Sunrise, Fine Dining, Harley Ride and Surfing at Bondi

Day 3 – Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and Balla Restaurant at The Star

Day 4 – Hunter Valley Gardens, Wine and Beer Tasting, Picnic Lunch and Helicopter Ride at Hunter Valley

Day 4 – Saké Restaurant & Bar at The Rocks

Day 5 – Breakfast at Bills Darlinghurst

Day 5 – Shopping at Paddington Markets, Oxford Street and Glebe Markets

Day 5 – Golden Century Seafood Restaurant (金唐海鲜酒家) at Chinatown

Day 5 and 6 – Watching An Australian Opera and Touring Sydney Opera House

Day 6 – Jet Boating and Helicopter Ride in Sydney City

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