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Author: Alexander Craker

Lapland & Tromsø – Chasing the Northern Lights

As my sweetheart and I sat by our imaginary fire in Geneva, Switzerland, we pondered what mischief we might get up to before Christmas. We were planning an upcoming trip to South Africa when suddenly a few misfiring clicks led us through an Internet vortex right into a cosy-looking Airbnb in Tromsø, Norway. A Viking deep at heart, I proclaimed that Thor and Odin had spoken: We had to go to the land of the Norse. Tromsø, which some call the Venice of the North and others a god-forsaken city at the end of the world, lies at the Northern...

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JaPOW – Experience Japan’s Pristine Powder in an Authentic Lodge

It turns out Japan has the best snow in the world. Not something you usually associate with the Land of the Rising Sun but powder enthusiasts have recently been flocking to the Japanese backcountry, far away from the sushi, the anime and the flickering robots, in search of some pristine powder and video-game-like backcountry trails – all of this combined with Japan’s top-notch hospitality, including hot baths (onsen), great food and flawless organisation. Traditionally, Hokkaido steals the show when it comes to snow-covered peaks and forest trails but closer to Tokyo is Japan’s premier alpine resort destination and natural...

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TOKYO お勧め (PART 3/3)

THE BEST OF TOKYO – RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TRAVELLERS (Part 3/3) DAY TRIPS IN AND AROUND TOKYO   Part III of this ultimate guide deals with a few ideas for one- or two-day trips in and around Tokyo. If you’re not planning to see much else of Japan and you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city – although by all standards Tokyo is rather quiet and peaceful – you may enjoy spending a little time outside the metropolis. Obviously, there’s plenty to do.   ENOSHIMA (1 DAY) Close to Kamakura and about 1.5 hours away from central...

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TOKYO お勧め (Part 2/3)

THE VERY BEST OF TOKYO – RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TRAVELLERS (Part 2/3) AREAS & NEIGHBOURHOODS   Guide to areas and neighbourhoods *** first-time travellers must-sees ** well worth visiting * time to spare *AKIHABARA Akihabara, aka ‘Electric Town’ is all about shopping for gadgets and electronics. Nerds of the world gather here, all dressed up and raring to go, raving about figurines, video games, anime and manga. This is Japan as you thought it was. Don’t bother: the totally overrated and uneasy Maid Cafés. Why go: video games, sex shops, figurines, otaku-watching. **ASAKUSA Home to Tokyo’s largest Buddhist temple (Sensōji [浅草寺])...

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TOKYO お勧め (Part 1/3)

THE VERY BEST OF TOKYO – RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TRAVELLERS  (Part 1/3) GENERAL INFORMATION   Tokyo travellers! How daunting is the prospect of getting lost in a city of 38 million souls? A network of spidery streets sprawling through layers of restaurants, shops, hotels, karaoke bars and office buildings! And places with names that sound like syllables glued together by a four-year old. But do not despair for the ultimate Tokyo guide is here to take you by the hand… Yes, as a Tokyo resident, I spend considerable time and energy giving out tips and info to friends and friends of friends...

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