I managed to get a pair of free tickets to watch Elva Hsiao (萧亚轩)‘s Showcase at Expo, Max Pavillion yesterday evening. Although I am not really a fan, I do like seeing beautiful women in concerts and Elva is smoking hot in my opinion. Apparently, my pal, Leon thinks so too and we made a date to go together as over-aged groupies.

Elva sang around five songs in total and there was no costume change. Much of the stage time was hijacked by two annoying YES 933 deejays who cannot stop yebbering. Despite arriving relatively early (we reached at 7.40pm when the showcase was supposed to start at 8pm), Leon and I still gotten lousy seats faraway from the stage because we refused to dash and compete for seats with the real groupies. Here are some photos taken at the showcase.

Lousy seats, far away from the stage

Smoking hot Elva!

Most of time, I relied on this screen to see what’s on stage

Annoying deejays and a bunch of lucky contestants who won Sony Ericsson handphones

Elva dancing

Elva looks like an ant

Bye bye!

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