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Singapore’s brazen streetwalkers – caught on video

Brazen streetwalkers in Geylang
Brazen streetwalkers in Geylang

Via IZ Reloaded. Recently, there have been a flood of videos uploaded onto youtube, documenting the brazen streetwalkers touting on the streets of  Geylang, Singapore’s designated red light district. While prostitution is legal in Singapore, soliciting is not.

In the past, such activities used to be confined within the brothel houses. In recent years, probably due to fierce competition from the huge influx of Chinese and Vietnamese prostitutes, the activities have spilled onto the public street, with streetwalkers sighted even in residential areas, beyond the designated streets.

Check out these videos below:

Streetwalkers sighted along Geylang Lorong 8,10 and 12 (Part 1)

Streetwalkers sighted along Geylang Lorong 8,10 and 12 (Part 2)

Streetwalkers sighted along Geylang Lorong 8,10 and 12 (Part 3)

Pimp caught on camera unloading his girls

Prostitution spilling into residential areas and non-designated streets

High angle view of a street in Geylang

While we are at the topic, let’s take a tour down Desker Road too shall we? Desker is another designated red light district, but “lower class” than Geylang. Check out these ladyboys roaming the street, caught on video below:

Desker Road ladyboys (Part 1)

Desker Road ladyboys (Part 2)

Uniquely Singapore indeed. Maybe the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) can consider promoting these in their brochures too. 🙂

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