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Blogger Yong Wei takes on JJ Lin’s YOG cheer

YOG Cheer: Yong Wei vs JJ Lin
YOG Cheer: Yong Wei vs JJ Lin

In a TNP news report last week, the Singapore Sports Council chief challenged anyone to come forward if they could think of a better cheer than the current one by JJ Lin which has been lambasted severely by netizens for being cheesy.

Blogger/amateur filmmaker/songwriter and my personal friend, Yong Wei decided to take on the challenge and composed his own cheer:

[youtube url=”″]

What do you think? Is Yong Wei’s cheer better than JJ Lin’s?

Here’s the JJ Lin YOG cheer for comparison:

[youtube url=”″]

Whatever the verdict, I think we should all applaud Yong Wei for his courage to step forward and do something, rather than being a whiny “keyboard warrior”. Well done Yong Wei. 🙂

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  1. Yong Wei.. thank you for that.. at least you have had a go at it and I think it’s punchy and not too cheesy like the other one…

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